Best Garden Tools

Often a blessing, sometimes a curse, the many varieties of products you can buy gives you a solution to nearly every problem, but can also make it difficult when knowing exactly what to buy. So, if you’re just starting off on your gardening mission, here are the ten essential garden tools to make every job under the gardening sun so much easier!


Perhaps the most used tool in the garden. Simple, elegant and with a knack of going missing, these are the perfect tool for taking care of unruly brambles, or cutting tree stems so as to develop growth.

With any kind of traditional pruner or secateur in your gardening tool kit, you’re on the right track.


Sometimes, a more delicate approach is needed. Especially for deadheading flowers such as roses. When you do need to be a bit more careful, you can’t go wrong with a set of garden snips!

Hand tools

A trifecta of hand tools, to finish off a handy top three! Garden hand tool sets normally consist of a fork, and then either a combination of two different trowels, or a trowel and then another tool, sometimes a wonderfully named “widger”.

This set of three prepares you nicely for planting and tidying up beds.


You can carry mulch, tools, soil, compost and the like in bags, or even by hand, but when you’re turning ground, stooping and generally working hard, a wheelbarrow is a real back-saver.

They come in all shapes and sizes, with carts also very useful, but as long as you opt for a durable wheelbarrow, you’ll be able to keep the painkillers in the medicine cabinet!

Plant labels

From the mighty, to the mini, but just as useful. You get a lot more out of your plots and beds if you’re organised. The simplest way to stay organised is with some wooden plant labels. Knowing what is planted where allows you to maximise space.

Top tip: write when you sowed your seeds as this will let you know when to harvest them, or for quick growing rotational crops like spinach, when you need to plant the next batch!

Grow pots

Simply indispensable! For transporting seedlings, or for even planting cuttings, you simply cannot do without a good set of basic grow pots.

Every potting shed or greenhouse should have a stack of these! Great for fragile herbs like coriander too, you can pop one of these on your kitchen windowsill and have a fresh garnish for curries in no time.

Garden Kneeler

Gardening is a great way to get active, but it’s also a killer on the back and knees. Barrows will help you when you’re moving heavy bits and bobs about, but when you’re doing odd little jobs, a padded garden kneeler is just the ticket.

The best thing about one of these folding kneelers, is that they double up as a chair. So when you’re having a cup of tea after a bit of graft, you’ve got somewhere to sit too!

Water butt

What better way to keep your plants hydrated with nature’s very own water! Using rain water to feed your plants is a great way to save resources, and for those on a water meter, money too!

Simply install a water butt to a downpipe, and you’ll have an instant source of water in no time.


Mowing the lawn, cutting back branches or tidying up the leaves; all gardening jobs that create “waste”. So why not turn that waste into something useful? Creating your own compost is a fantastic way to provide extra nutrients to your plants.

It can take a bit of experimentation to get your compost mix right, but it’s worth it in the end. So get yourself a rotating composter, and create your own fully organic garden!

Storage Box

Once you’ve got all these fantastic garden tools, you need to put them somewhere. Of course, a garden shed is the archetypal place for everything handy for a green fingered guy or girl, but sometimes space is at a premium.

A garden tool storage box is a great way to save on space, keep things nice and tidy, and as an added bonus, readily at hand.

A tool for every task…

There are so many little jobs in the garden, and they often require a very different approach. So if you still can’t find the tool you're looking for then check out our complete range of garden tools and equipment. There’s sure to be something for you there!


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