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How to grow Buddlea Buzz™

How to grow Buddleja Buzz™

Growing Buddleja plants

Like its larger cousins, dwarf patio variety Buddleja Buzz™ will grow in almost any well drained soil. And because it's a dwarf variety it will grow just as happily in a container on your patio. The best planting time for Buddleja is in the spring or autumn while the soil is moist. Choose a position in full sun or semi-shade.

How to prune Buddleja

Buddleja plants are really low maintenance, but they do benefit from pruning in early spring. Pruning will prevent them from becoming leggy and helps to maintain a nice compact plant. Buddleja plants flower on new growth, so pruning will also help to promote lots of new stems that will flower in the same year.

Prune Buddleja in March, once the hardest frosts are over, as the new growth begins to show. Firstly remove any dead, diseased, damaged, or weak stems, before pruning all off the remaining stems back to form a low framework. In future years you can simply shorten the previous season's growth back to 2 pairs of buds from this permanent framework. A top tip for pruning buddleja is to always use clean, sharp secateurs and make your cuts squarely, just above a healthy pair of buds.

For more information on how to prune Buddleja Buzz™ plants view our easy to follow 'How to' video guide below:

Dead heading Buddleja flowers

Throughout the summer it is well worth deadheading the faded flowers as this will help to promote more blooms and keeps the plant looking neat and tidy. By following these simple steps your Buddleja Buzz™ plants will remain compact and free flowering for years to come.

What to do in the garden this month

We sell 3 varieties of Buddleja Buzz™ - 'Ivory', 'Magenta' and 'Lavender'. Click here to view all Buddleja Buzz™ plants.

We sell 3 varieties of Buddleja Buzz™ - 'Ivory', 'Magenta' and 'Lavender'.
Click here to view all Buddleja Buzz™ plants.

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