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February review winner

Malva Snow White
  • "Great Plants!"
  • Malva 'Snow White'
  • By Karen Bruton
  • Good sturdy plants and good germination rate too. Malvas are a great choice for poor soil and seem indestructible - needing very little care. The purple flowered version is also recommended and will come back each year when other plants fail.
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Gaura Sparkle White
  • "forget lavender, grow this bushey plant instead!"
  • Gaura Sparkle White
  • By Graeme Ellis
  • An absolute must buy!! I bought these as plug plants in early 2013 and grew them on in a cold frame with no problems, I actually planted 3 plugs to a 9cm pot and planted them out mid June, by the end of June I had quite stocky plants that flowered July through to September. I cut them back in September (thinking it would force the roots to grow for winter) and they have so far survived very well looking forward to seeing them bloom again this year!! Bees love them Oh one other bonus, they freely seeded all around where I planted them, some I collected and some I left in the ground.

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Cercis Forest Pansy
  • "Time will tell"
  • Cercis Forest Pansy
  • By Rebecca Simpson
  • So far I have received the bare-root tree in the post no problem (said end of Feb and actually arrived early Jan). Planting it now. Looks unimpressive however my parents bought one last year which just resembled a twig and a couple of dead leaves, however it soon took hold and is now a very handsome and colourful shrub - hence my buying one!

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fuchsia hardy collection
  • "We're all fuchsia enthusiasts up here!"
  • Fuchsia Hardy Collection
  • By Dinah Dayus
  • I live half way up a high wind-swept mountainside upon the North Coast. I was worried at first that my "hardy" trio might not be up to the salt-winds and gales, but given just the slightest bit of shelter they have taken to it like ducks to water, often flowering in December. I shouldn't have worried since most of the hedges up here are composed of naturalised Fuchsia Madjelica.

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apricot shades
  • "Beautiful show!!"
  • Begonia Apricot Shades
  • By Anne Mather
  • I ordered the Apricot shades but missed out on the late order. However, I was sent a replacement which was shades of Apricot. WOW WOW WOW there were 82 plants ( more than I ordered)and they have made the most amazing show in three hanging baskets and have been admired by everyone who sees them. Even the scraggy bits I put into a ground pot as spares for the baskets have made the same show. I will try to keep them over the winter but would not have a problem ordering again next year..

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  • "Incredibloom"
  • Incredibloom®
  • By Tom Liddle
  • Does what it says - amazing results. Both for new & established plants. I have tried most other slow release / quick action fertiliser but this beats them all by a mile !!!

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Tree Lily® 'Yellow Rocket'
  • "Amazing Tree Lily"
  • Tree Lily® 'Yellow Rocket'
  • By Michael Worsdale
  • My Tree Lily is amazing this year. It is 8 feet tall and has 13 flower heads which smell beautiful in the evening. I have had it for 5 years and each year it gets bigger and better. I planted it and just left it to grow.

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Perennial 'Best Value' Collection
  • "Excellent"
  • Perennial 'Best Value' Collection
  • By Michelle Goodbody
  • Arrived in excellent condition and are doing really well in my greenhouse. I can't wait for them to bloom Thanks.

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Banana - Exotic Seed Collection
  • "Stunning growth rate!"
  • Banana - Exotic Seed Collection
  • By Michael Worsdale
  • One seed germinated after a week, the other 4 would not germinate after several attempts at re soaking .etc. so I posted them to a friend, see if they have any luck. My letter to her got lost in the post so maybe there will be a Banana plant growing in a sorting office somewhere :D. The one that did germinate is about 18 inch tall already in about 10 weeks and its not summer yet, think I'll need a bigger pot soon.

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Pea 'Shiraz' (Mangetout)
  • "Excellent mangetout"
  • Pea 'Shiraz' (Mangetout)
  • By Anne Vasey
  • A great variety - lots of pods that look pretty and are easy to pick because the colour stands out. Tasty too.

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Petunia Purple Tower
  • "Fantastic"
  • Petunia 'Purple Tower'
  • By Carol Clegg
  • Beautiful fast growing flowers. Gorgeous fragrance. Two of my plants are still flowering in January in Hertfordshire.

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Lamium Mega Purple
  • "Perfect Ground cover"
  • Lamium 'Mega Purple'
  • By Melanie Cox
  • I absolutely love this plant! It is the perfect nature-friendly ground cover for any situation. The bees absolutely love it and are on it from dawn to dusk. It keeps its pretty leaves all year, and it is a food plant for many caterpillars all year. When it has finished flowering, or if it gets too large, it can be cut back hard and it soon regrows. I find it is best not to feed it as you will not get as many flowers.

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Begonia Inferno
  • "Every Garden Should Have!"
  • Begonia 'Inferno'
  • By Elizabeth Kirby
  • Can't wait to see these flowers in full bloom again in my garden. What a delight there were last year, vibrant, fiery red that just bloomed and bloomed. I would highly recommend as I would Thompson and Morgan, who are such a great friendly business with fantastic, quality flowers and exceptional customer service. To new customers - ENJOY!

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Fuchia Giants Collection
  • "What a display!"
  • Fuchia 'Giants Collection'
  • By Liliana Sutton
  • The plugs came in wonderful condition. The flowers surpassed my expectations, and the season was long. I now have the plants overwintering in my conservatory!

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Lobelia T&M Mixed
  • "Stunning Display"
  • Lobelia T&M Choice
  • By Priscilla Ereku
  • I used this mixture in my window boxes in 2013, with a silver leaved plant at the back, and they made a wonderful display. I had many compliments on the attractiveness of the colours and the vigorousness of the plants (I used too many the year before) and they have lasted so well. I kept one box without putting in Winter flowers and the lobelia are still flowering well in January 2014!

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