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where should I locate my greenhouse?

Where should I locate my greenhouse?

Shelter – make sure that your greenhouse is well protected from strong winds. If you live in an exposed area then positioning it where a fence or hedge could act as a windbreak will save your greenhouse from taking a battering, especially in the winter months.

Light – Obviously light is one of the most important factors, position your greenhouse where it will gain the maximum daylight, all year round is vital to successful growing. Take into account the position of the sun during the winter months too, as it is lower in the sky, longer shadows will be cast by nearby buildings and trees.

Position/orientation – in an ideal world, the longest side of the greenhouse should be facing south so that it will get the absolute maximum amount of sunlight possible during the day. This is more important on longer, thinner greenhouses than with squarer shaped ones.

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Written by: Graham Ward

I’ve been gardening for as long as I can remember, my first earliest memory being planting Graham Ward
seeds in my Grandfather’s prestige flower bed and having a prize lettuce growing there, which he proudly left to show everyone.

Since then, gaining knowledge and experience from both my Grandfather and my Father, I’ve continued to garden, both as a hobby and later on as a professional gardener and landscaper for 12 years. I love all aspects of it, from the design and build, to the planting out of summer borders with plants you’ve either grown from seed or raised from plugs. Unusual varieties always catch my eye and I’m keen to try growing them, even if sometimes it means learning from my mistakes.