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Squirrel Proof Ground Feeding Haven

If you have pesky grey squirrels that are always eating the bird food, or flocks of pigeons crowding out smaller song birds, then this metal feeding haven is a simple and effective solution. More Info


Guaranteed Squirrel Proof Seed Feeder

This durable, metal seed bird feeder has been designed to prevent grey squirrels from eating the food. More Info


7 Reviews

Guaranteed Squirrel Proof Peanut Feeder

If your garden gets a lot a grey squirrels in it, that eat a lot of the food you put out for birds, this anti-squirrel bird feeder is a great solution. More Info


Hanging Adjustable Small Bird Feeder with Baffle

This bird feeder has a baffle roof, which slides down onto the top of the tray of bird seed and nuts, if a squirrel steps onto it. More Info


Hanging Wooden Bird Table

A small hanging bird table that is perfect for compact gardens, balconies, roof gardens etc. More Info


Wall Mounted Wooden Bird Table

This charming little bird table is designed to be attached to a wall or fence and includes a mounting baton for easy installation. More Info


Garden Gear Fairy House Bird Feeder

Add some magic to your home and garden with this enchanting fairy house bird feeder. More Info


191 Reviews

Peanut splits

Bird nuts, split up for easier feeding. An oil-rich energy hit loved by birds of many varieties. More Info

3 Options From £7.49

108 Reviews

Fat Balls (90g)

Full of energy and made from the best quality suet possible, these low on mess fat balls offer many essential vitamins for flying visitors. They are particularly popular with a variety of finches, but can also attract more unusual visitors, such as blackcaps and treecreepers. More Info

3 Options From £8.95

103 Reviews

Berry Suet Pellets

These garden bird berry suet pellets are easy to eat and are a fantastic high fat garden bird treat. Sizes as big as 25.5kg. More Info

3 Options From £6.95

141 Reviews

Insect Suet Pellets

Insect suet pellets are loved by many garden birds and should be a fatty treat offered to birds as an alternative to peanuts. Large boxes available. More Info

3 Options From £6.95

7 Reviews

Multi-Purpose Nesting Box

Give breeding birds a helping hand and with this easy to install nesting box. Perfect for tits, sparrows and more. More Info


29 Reviews

Wild Bird Cleaning Brush

The perfect brush to keep those feeders clean and disease free. More Info


10 Reviews

Kingfisher 30L Pet Or Bird Food Storage Tub

An all in one tub to keep bird feed in the best condition possible. More Info


4 Reviews

Kingfisher Bronze Effect Plastic Bird Bath

Give birds a place to drink and bathe, with this easy to assemble decorative bird bath. More Info


9 Reviews

Kingfisher Polyresin Garden Bird Bath

This hardwearing bird bath is bound to attract, and help, all manner of garden birds. More Info


Baffled by bird food?

If you’re not sure where to get started when it comes to feeding the birds, we’ve got all the info you need in one handy place. No matter if you’re a birdie novice, or want to look at alternative feed for the birds in your garden, our guide can help you decide which is the best option for you.

Our bird food guide