PlantGrow® All Purpose Natural Fertiliser

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Innovative plant based fertiliser

100% chemical free

Pet and animal friendly

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Feed your garden naturally with this revolutionary range of plant based fertilisers. No chemicals, no animal products – just pure plant power!

The PlantGrow® range of natural fertilisers are the first of their kind available to gardeners in the UK. These unique plant feeds are produced using a completely natural process of anaerobic digestion – the same process that is used to produce biofuels.

Carefully selected plant matter, including Maize, grass, and Sugar Beet, are added to sealed tanks where the magic begins! Harmless natural bacteria break down the organic matter to produce a stream of biogas and a fibrous, sludgy material. The gas is converted into energy and fed into the national grid, while the sludge is used to make this high quality, premium range of plant fertilisers.

During development, these products showed astonishing results. PlantGrow completely replaced chemical fertiliser on the farm once tested. Regular use shows a long term effect on plants, producing stronger, healthier growth, increasing crop and flower production by up to 30%. These innovative fertilisers gently nurture the soil to replace essential plant nutrients and produce strong, healthy growth. A soil conditioner and fertiliser all in one!

PlantGrow® is produced using renewable energy and completely sustainable processes. It is organic, vegan, and completely safe for bees, animals and children. Eco gardeners looking for natural and organic products will really like PlantGrow®, as will vegan gardeners.

PlantGrow® All Purpose Natural Fertiliser is a liquid plant feed that can be applied to well established plants throughout the year. Perfect for feeding house plants, garden plants, fruits and vegetables.

This nourishing liquid fertiliser is easy to apply. Simply dilute in water and apply using a watering can. Apply once a week, as per instructions, to see outstanding results. This versatile feed can also be applied at different dilutions if required, without the risk of burning your plants when increasing the dosage.

For best results, apply PlantGrow® on dry days. Avoid wet and windy days to prevent nutrients being leached away before the plants can benefit.

Allow up to 8 days to see visible results. Regular use will see a long term improvement in the overall health of your garden.

  • Composition:
  • PlantGrow® All Purpose Natural Fertiliser is a liquid derived from the process of anaerobic digestion.
  • Nitrogen (N) 3.5%, Phosphate pentoxide (P2O5) 1.8% (0.7%K), Potassium oxide (K2O) 5.3% (4.4%K)

2 x 1 litre all purpose natural fertilisers (KB0616)
1 x 1 litre all purpose natural fertiliser (KB0433)


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