Phalaenopsis 'Pink Cascade' in grey patterned ceramicMoth Orchid

Tender Perennial

What is Tender Perennial?
A plant that lives for more than two years.
Susceptible to damage or death at temperatures below 5C.


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An elegant; cascading orchid

Supplied in a patterned ceramic pot

Blooms last for several months

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Height Up to 60cm (24in)
Spread Up to 30cm (12in)

Tender Perennial


dappled shadeshade

Flowering Months

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Oozing elegance, Phalaenopsis 'Pink Cascade' is a cascading moth orchid whose arching stems of bright pink blooms last for several months. Supplied in a patterned ceramic pot in a pale dove grey that complements the bright blooms, this exquisite, easy-care orchid makes a beautiful gift or treat to yourself!

Show Codes

1 x 12cm potted plant in grey patterned ceramic pot (KF1148)

How to Grow
While in flower, Phalaenopsis Orchids require a warm position with a night-time temperature of 16-19C (61-66F) and day temperatures between 19-30C (66-86F).Choose a brightly lit position away from draughts and radiators, avoiding the direct glare of the sun.
More Info

Water regularly, to keep the compost reliably moist. Use tepid rainwater where possible, and let the pot drain well afterwards. Avoid leaving Phalaenopsis in standing water as this may cause the plant to rot. House plants should be fed regularly between March and September when they are in active growth. Phalaenopsis enjoy a humid atmosphere and will appreciate regular misting.

After flowering, trim away any faded flowers but leave most of the stem intact - further flowering sideshoots may appear from the main stem. In autumn, move Phalaenopsis to a cooler position to allow new buds to form. Reduce watering during this period and allow the compost to dry out slightly between watering. Once the buds have formed, the plant may be returned to its original growing position, and watering increased.


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Phalaenopsis 'Pink Cascade' in grey patterned ceramic

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