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idooka Compost Bin Garden Compost Accelerator - Outdoor Bin with Lid for House Plant Compost and Bark for Garden Soil for Vegetables


MAKE YOUR OWN PLANT FOOD OUTDOOR: Garden soil and compost can be very expensive, which is why this outside bin shed is just the perfect thing. Whether you need house plant food, orchid compost, or some plant food for your strawberry plants, you can pop all your leftover food waste in this aerator garden bin and turn it into something you can use.

HOME MADE GRASS FERTILIZER: This bokashi compost bin is a compact bin for converting rubbish into treasure. Toss your garden bark into these garden bins with lids and garden fertiliser will be your reward, which makes perfect azalea compost, topsoil for gardens, compost for herbs, compost for strawberries, vegetable plant food - all in this hotbin compost bin. Make your herb garden shine!

A HOT BIN HOME FOR COMPOSTING WORMS: Compost worms are the backbone of agriculture. Show them some love for being a great composting accelerator with this food compost bin that can be home to so many wriggling friends. These earthworms break down stuff from your garden waste bin into general purpose compost that you can use. And these black plastic bins with lids stay extra toasty for them.

RECYCLE YOUR GROUND COFFEE: And not just coffee ground, but everything from your food bins can go in this recycle bin - and you'll receive plenty of compost for plants back from this black plastic bin. These compost & yard waste containers are a convenient way to keep everything neat and tidy in this food waste bin with lid and compost maker accelerator. And the gardening soils for free!

LARGE BIN TO FIT ALL YOUR GARDEN MULCH: There's no such thing as too much compost soil (except when you can't close your bin lid), which is why these compost bins garden large size makes sense to give you a great supply of fertilizer for vegetables. You can even fit it on the balcony or in bin sheds/your bin tidy outdoor. This bokashi bin has plenty of room for plenty of garden mulch compost!

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There's always far too much in the black bins outdoor, and one easy way to fix an overflowing black dustbin is to recycle more. These composting bins are a great way to turn your leftover kitchen & green bin waste into humus and that can feef your veg, whatever the weather. Made from weatherproof material, these make great wormeries to feed the garden earth worms for composting contained in your waste bins.

Bokashi bins are a great way to get compost for vegetables, and this garden compost bin makes an excellent place to put this into practice. Whether you've got a big garden, or just a bit of balcony grass. Each of these large bins is a perfect place for refuse you can't refuse. Your garden shrubs will grow that much bigger and better with some herb feed from this hot composting bin full of nutrients.

With the 300L model measuring 60cm x 60cm across and 83cm tall and the 450L measuring 80cm x 80cm across and 81cm tall, they're a convenient size for anyone who needs a decomposer or composters outdoor to collect pl[eanty of mulch for gardening. These outside bins with lids are made from a dark black plastic that helps absorb and then trap heat to speed along the recycler as it produces you the soil compost you've been needing.

We recommend a compost starter (not included) to make the most of this outdoor compost bin as a bokashi bin or worm bin, especially if you're looking to make your strawberry plant grow that little bit extra all year round. From fruit to leaf, you'll be able to see the difference.

It's easy and quick to assemble with out click-together design, allowing you to get started making leaf mulch as soon as possible, and the lid forms an important seal to prevent odours and insects from escaping! 

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