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Fuchsia 'Giants Collection'

5 Options from £7.99

36 Reviews

T&M's best value fuchsias

Collection comprises:

b>Fuchsia ‘Bella Rosella’ - Double blooms in shades of pink hang from cascading stems.

b>Fuchsia ‘Bicentennial’ - Flamboyant, frilly blooms in an unusual shade of orange.

b>Fuchsia 'Quasar' - Double mauve blooms with pure white sepals create a dramatic summer spectacle.

b>Fuchsia 'Seventh Heaven' - Bold flamingo pink flowers with contrasting pale pink sepals .

b>Fuchsia ‘Voodoo’ - Dark and mysterious double blooms, with fold upon fold of rich purple petals.

5 fuchsia Postiplug plants - 1 of each varietySave £2.00 £9.99 £7.99 Out of Stock
10 fuchsia Postiplug plants - 2 of each varietySave £9.99 £19.98 £9.99 Out of Stock
20 fuchsia Postiplug plants - 4 of each varietySave £19.97 £39.96 £19.99 Out of Stock
1 x Complete Fuchsia CollectionWorth £44.95 £24.96 Out of Stock
100 fuchsia Postiplug plants - 20 of each varietySave £149.81 £199.80 £49.99 Out of Stock
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Turbo-charged trailing fuchsias, that are guaranteed to give a stunning display. Giant frilled flowers of up to 10cm (4") across are produced throughout summer. The enormous blooms will leave your baskets, window boxes, Flower Pouches™ and containers literally dripping in a carnival of colour. Height: 30cm (12"). Spread: 45cm (18").

Collection comprises: Fuchsia ‘Bella Rosella’ - Double blooms in shades of pink hang from cascading stems.
Fuchsia ‘Bicentennial’ - Flamboyant, frilly blooms in an unusual shade of orange.
Fuchsia 'Quasar' - Double mauve blooms with pure white sepals create a dramatic summer spectacle.
Fuchsia 'Seventh Heaven' - Bold flamingo pink flowers with contrasting pale pink sepals .
Fuchsia ‘Voodoo’ - Dark and mysterious double blooms, with fold upon fold of rich purple petals.

Culinary note: Add the beautiful coloured flowers to salads, crystallise them for a sweet garnish or add them to jellies for an extra splash of colour. For more details about edible flowers click here.

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The Fuchsia Giants Complete Collection - ONLY £24.96 includes: 15 fuchsia Postiplug plants - 3 of each variety (worth £29.97), 100g of incredibloom® (worth £4.99) and 1 x easy fill hanging basket (worth £9.99).



Sun or semi shade

30cm (11.8in)

45cm (17.7in)

5 Fuchsia Postiplug Plants - 1 Of Each Variety (T69165)
10 Fuchsia Postiplug Plants - 2 Of Each Variety (T69162)
20 Fuchsia Postiplug Plants - 4 Of Each Variety (T69164)
1 X Complete Fuchsia Collection (T77711)
100 Fuchsia Postiplug Plants - 20 Of Each Variety (T69163)

Flowering Months
Feed and water frequently throughout the summer to promote an endless supply of flowers. Deadhead faded fuchsia flowers to prolong the flowering period.
Plant trailing fuchsias directly into baskets, window boxes, Flower Pouches™ and containers, in any well drained compost. Grow them on in warm, frost free conditions. Pinch out the growing tips of each plant while they are still small to promote bushier growth and more flowers. When all risk of frost has passed, gradually acclimatise fuchsia plants to outdoor conditions over a 7 to 10 day period, prior to placing them in their final positions in sun or semi shade.


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Highly delighted 2015-10-08

Hi , I have had great blooms and magnificent colours from these plants in my hanging baskets and would highly recommend them. The flowers are huge and attracted many lovely comments from neighbours. Thank you T & M. Have you any advise on how I could care and over-winter them? Thanks again.

T&M replied on 2015-08-11: Thank you for taking the time to post your review. I hope we can continue to be of service to you in the future. If you would like to look at our Aftercare section this will provide you with lots of care instructions. However, if you have any further queries, please contact our customer care team on

Very happy and delighted 2015-09-27

Iam very happy my fuchsia collection turn up really good and bloom very nice all colour were beautiful and flower were really big and giant as was promised and every one who visited this summer liked all my hanging baskets and definitely recomend just want to know can I save my these plants for next season thanks if can have some advice thanks again

T&M replied on 2015-09-28: Thank you for taking the time to post your review. I am glad to hear that you have been happy with your order. I hope we can continue to be of service to you in the future.

Lovely but varying in vigour 2015-07-25

Mine weren't too well-treated when I first got them, as I waited too long before planting them out. Three of them seem shy to flower but are growing nicely and look healthy; the others are Bella Rosella, which is flowering generously as well as looking just as vigorous as the others, and Bicentennial, which is looking a bit ropey, almost as though it's making itself sickly by flowering before it's ready. I'm of a mind to pull them off to encourage it to put more energy into foliage before the end of the season. Overall pretty happy, but the different plants aren't consistent in their habit so this is something to be aware of.

T&M replied on 2015-07-27: Thank you for your review. I am glad to hear that your plants are growing well. Please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Care Team at if you do have any queries.

five fuchsias 2015-04-25

the plants arrived perfect and I can't wait till they bloom, please advise me how I can keep them through the winter here in Scotland, I do not have a greenhouse only a mini greenhouse that I use to grow my seeds and young plants, Regards, Avril Patrick.

T&M replied on 2015-04-23: Thank you for your review and for taking the time to share your wonderful comments. With regards to the overwintering advice for your Fuchsias, if you can kindly email your order number and postcode to our Customer Care team at one of our agents will be happy to provide further information for you.

Hanging basket advice. 2015-03-18

Just received my plugs in excellent condition. After planting out how many would you suggest I plant in a 14" hanging basket. Thanks

T&M replied on 2015-03-24: Thank you for your review and for taking the time to share your comments. If you would like to take a look at the link below this will give you a helpful guideline of how many plants to use per basket. I hope this helps..

Gorgeous huge blooms 2014-11-15

These have been the best fuschias I've ever planted & are still flowering now. I have a greenhouse & would like to try & overwinter them. Could you give me some advice on how to go about this please?

T&M replied on 2014-11-17: Thank you for your review. I am so pleased to learn of your delight with your Fuchsias, I have arranged for an email to be sent which will provide you with lots of hints and tips for overwintering your plants. I hope we can continue to be of service.

stunning display 2014-10-21

These plants have been amazing all summer long and are still flowering now. The flowers are huge and very beautiful. I would really appreciate some advice on how to care for these beauties over the winter but I do not have a greenhouse. I mistakenly forgot to label the plants!!! Many thanks

T&M replied on 2014-10-22: Thank you for your review. I am so pleased to learn of your delight with your flowers and I hope we can continue to be service. I have arranged for some overwintering advice to be sent via email which I hope you will find helpful.

so far so good 2014-06-05

Bought these a few weeks ago and they are doing really well so far. How many plants would you suggest for a hanging basket? I have the 15inch easy fill baskets.

T&M replied on 2014-05-07: Thank you for your review. I hope we can continue to be of service. If you would like to look at the link I have provided below, this will give you a rough guide with how many plugs of each variety can be planted into a hanging basket.


I ordered Giant Fuschia collection just 5 postiplugs. Made the mistake of not labelling them as I transplanted so got totally mixed up with the variety. However they have been absolutely GORGEOUS both in hanging baskets and big pots. However I have realised that they should have been grown in tall thin pots because the blooms are so huge they the ones on the lower stems sit on the soil even with gentle support. I would like some advice on how to manage them over winter? I have moved them into the greenhouse and intend to keep them frost free. But do I continue to water sparingly and should I prune them back? Be grateful for advice. I will continue to use T&M as apart from my own experience so far I have heard nothing but good reports from fellow Gardenersqnd Allotmenteers.

T&M replied on 2014-10-06: Thank you for your review. I hope we can continue to be of service. I have sent an email with some overwintering advice for your Fuchsias, I hope you find this information helpful.

Disgraceful quality 2014-04-14

Ordered 100 of these in the hope of having splendid baskets. Arrived dry, leggy and burned by frost or cold. T&M say I have to wait and see if they recover. I explained that only 54 have a chance of recovery and I paid for 100. Obviously doesn't do to order large quantity. Will not be ordering from T&M again.

T&M replied on 2014-04-15: Thank you for your review. I am very sorry to hear of your disappointment with your recent purchase. If you would like to contact our Customer care team on, one of our agents will be happy to investigate this matter further.

What a display ! 2014-01-14

The plugs came in wonderful condition. The flowers surpassed my expectations, and the season was long. I now have the plants overwintering in my conservatory.

Beautiful Flowers 2013-12-07

The flowers from the fuchsias are absolutely beautiful, especially the 'vodoo' variety. Flowers are enormous - size of my palm! Looking forward to them all coming out in full flower.

Great plugs!! 2013-12-04

My plugs arrived today,They look in great condition!! THANKS!!

Can't wait 2013-11-04

Received these about two weeks ago, looking so very healthy. Potted them on straight away and they are already going great guns. Nice range of leaf shapes and colours. Cannot wait to get them into their hanging basket and outside in the sunshine.

So impressed! 2013-07-23

Thanks to these Fushia plugs I have the best display of baskets & containers. I only wish I had planted fewer plants with them in the baskets as they detract from the wonderful large blooms. I know for next year...

Wow factor 2012-10-26

These fuschias have it! I've enjoyed their huge blooms throughout Summer, and still in late October. But should I be taking them in now as frost is promised tonight? Nothing on the description says what to do with them after flowering.

Stunning? Still flowering in November. 2012-10-11

Stunning, huge flower heads. A delight throughout the summer. Still flowering on 10 th November. Not sure about overwintering them either. Instructions would have been helpful.

Stunning collection ! 2012-03-31

I grew these in 2011 and have just placed a repeat order. Easy to grow and the mix of colours look stunning together. My neighbour said her fuchsia basket looked positively plain next to mine. (She was right ! )

Magnificent!!! 2011-12-09

THis is my first purchase frpm THompson & Morgan, it won't be my last. Neighbours keep coming to ask how we managed to have such a wonderful display.

Stunning Display 2011-12-09

Beautiful blooms producing a stunning display of fushias. The colours complimented my hanging basket which has been the envy of my neighbours (I can see them all looking at pointing)

Fabulous Fuchsias 2011-12-09

Can not believe you could get so many big beautiful flowers from them 2nd week in September and sill going strong with plenty more more buds on the plants. Definitely buy again ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS

Fuchsia "Giants" collection. 2011-12-09

I added some of these to last years Flower Pouch, which contained plants from last year, which had unexpectedly survived the horrible winter in my greenhouse. I removed the dead ones & replaced as much of the old compost as was possible, using multi-purpose compost mixed with water- retaining crystals, re-hydrated compressed moss & slow release fertiliser. Unfortunately, I also added double Bizzie Lizzies which seccumbed to the dreaded virus that is affecting them. However, in spite, they look lovely still. The rest I put into a mixed basket & they are flowering their heads off still, with lots of buds still to come. Really beautiful.

A footnote 2011-11-13

fuchsias giants a great plant, they are so big, my friends want some for next summer, so have plenty in stock, as I will need loads. Giant fuchsias.

wonderful large flowers 2011-11-09

by lesley hayden fantastic plants wonderful large blooms and so many of them they are all still flowering well into september, i would certainly buy more next year, magnificent!!!

Unbelievable size 2011-11-09

Gorgeous flowers and no one can quite believe their size!. Will definitely be back for more next year.

Fuschia Giants Collection 2011-11-09

Bought as plugs, giving no problems to grow on, they were located in planters and hanging baskets, where they are still producing large quantities of flowers. Better in hanging baskets where the full glory of their flowers can be appreciated. A magnificent addition to a summer garden.

showstoppers! 2011-11-09

these fuchsias make me look like a top gardener, but its all down to them. they really are beautiful, so big and colourful. i shall certainly buy them again.

A footnote 2011-10-28

I reviewed these fuschias in July when I had a stunning display. It is now the end of October and they are still in full flower. I have lifted a couple of plants into pots for the conservatory for some early winter colour. I have already ordered these for next year. Thank you T & M for another success

Fuschia Giants Collection A and B 2011-09-13

These plugs were quite small and I was a little sceptical they would survive, but I planted them up straight in to the hanging baskets and pots, using a multi-purpose compost, and they have completely exceeded my expectations - the flowers are huge and the colours delightful. The plants are now an amazing size and I am going to try to take cuttings when they have finished flowering. Thank you.

Huge!! 2011-09-08

Big, Blousey, Beautiful, Buy them!!

so many flowers 2011-08-20

absolutly brilliant, still loads of flowers coming, and it's nearly end of august, will definitly buy again.

Stunning Beauties 2011-07-28

Yet again plant plugs from T & M have come up trumps.They save me a lot of extra work.These Fuschias really are breathtaking,I have had several friends not believe the size and beauty of the blooms.Here we are in late July and they have not let up blooming and look as if there will be plenty more.Let's hope these are available for next year

Fuschia Collection 2011-06-11

This plug plants is going so strong even in november it is full on flower with very littel care i have given and it is in quite poor soil. Well pleased with result.Let you know how it will do next year,

Great plants 2011-05-27

This is my second year of giant fuchsias, I adore them, they are good plug plants when they arrive and grow on really quickly and the display last year was breathtaking - lots of admiring glances as people walked past my house!! My mum was also very jealous!!!!

Good size, easy to grow plants 2011-05-19

The Fuchsias were a good size when delivered, and have just carried on growing really well. Just starting to form buds now, so I am eagerly awaiting the display!

great value, healthy, sturdy plants 2011-05-14

I have ordered these plants online for 3 years running now. They are great value, strong sturdy plants that cope well with the shaded conditions in my hanging baskets, very floriferous. I would recommend them to anyone :-)