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Michael Perry's Gardening Blog

My garden, July 2012


I've spent the last few blogs telling you about so many lovely plants, but I guess you're wondering what my own garden is like. Well, here's where you find out! Enjoy a few pictures too, I'll upload more when I can.

Michael Perry's garden - tree lilies and berberis

I have a bit of a 'Jekyll and Hyde' garden where one side is completely dry and always very sunny and the other more shady and quite heavy clay and damp. This isn't too much of a problem though, as it gives me a spot for everything! I recently got a friend in to plant me 2 main hedges; a purple berberis and a golden lonicera nitida, so you can see I'm a big fan of colour and art in the garden. The berberis has 'Pink Robina' tree lilies growing through it, and the lonicera has a new golden ground cover lily. No lily beetles yet, which is to be expected as the fungicidal dressing often prevents them in the first year.

The borders in between are patches of colour: I've grouped some marigold 'Mr Majestic' with some zebra grass and lovely rich green dianthus 'Green Trick'. Another pocket of colour is digitalis 'Illumination Pink' with some osteospermum 'Flower Power' and liatris. I've also got a large patch of buddleja 'Buzz™'' in patriotic colours, red white and blue so that should look sparkly when it's in flower.

Michael Perry's garden

Of course, everything is a bit behind and I did hold on a while before planting out, so just my plants could 'chunk up', so I fed them well and deadheaded every few weeks. Everything is now out and I want just a bit more rain to get them established.

Michael Perry's garden

Beyond the low fence, where my garden is made to be terrier-proof (mainly because of the chickens!), I have a rather odd garden, which was intended to be a vegetable garden but has somehow morphed into something perhaps more useful: a cutting/herb/vegetable patch! I'm not a fan of growing many vegetables and like to try the more unusual things, so here I have plenty of borage (for Pimms!), mint, lavender for drying and quite a few 'experimental' cut flowers too: gerbera 'Forever Daisies', lots of lavatera 'Silver Cup', some new pollen-free sunflowers, lots of my favouite nigella (well, if i'm honest it has self-seeded!) and just a few rows of my favourite vegetable - broad beans. I've also edged the paths with a fresh sowing of runner bean Hestia, a short sprawling variey.

So, keep following me on twitter @gardening_greek for further updates and pictures and I'll blog again when I've got more to show!

Bye for now,

Michael Perry, New Product Development Manager, Thompson & Morgan