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Michael Perry's Gardening Blog

Michael Perry's Gardening Blog

My garden, an update, August 2012


A view of my garden

It’s a busy few months right now, as there’s so much going on and so much in flower and to look at! I’m basically planning our spring 2013 plant range at the moment, so rushing from our offices to our trials site, over to Holland, Germany and fitting in some pruning and preening at home…

I revealed what I was growing in one of my last blogs, so let’s see how everything’s getting on, thanks to lots of rain but also some fairly warm temperatures, it can mean only one thing…jungle!

Ground cover lilies

Firstly, my lilies have been incredible as you saw last time, now the orange ones have faded, it got me thinking I must look into longer-lasting lilies... they can come and go so quickly and to be honest they all flowered when I was on holiday, so I totally missed out!

Further down the garden, I have inter-planted my new purple berberis hedge with ‘Robina’ tree lilies, and they’ve given me 5-6ft in their first year - they look stunning and create a barrier of perfume as I trek to feed my chickens each day.

Lily border with purple berberis

In the vegetable/herb/chicken garden, things have really gone wild - I’ve got a wonderful mish-mash of dahlias, sweet peas, bicolour sunflowers and the odd higgledy row of broad bean Medes and runner bean Hestia. There’s also the new ever-bearing strawberry Buddy and I’m trying to grow some chickpeas too, so who knows what’ll happen there!

Limnanthes douglasii, delosperma and dianthus 'Endless Love'

In the borders, digitalis ‘Illumination Pink’ is still looking strong despite my laziness at deadheading - the side shoots are really coming into their own now, in a lovely candelabra habit! Dianthus ‘Green Trick’ also looks very arty against purple heucheras.

Digitalis, dianthus and heuchera

I’m quite into ground cover at the moment too - loving the poached egg plant - limnanthes – it’s a sow and grow variety, ‘sow’ easy! I’m also looking forward to my delosperma spreading on my baking hot slate area, and dianthus ‘Endless Love’ spreading out along my bark path!

Hope you’ve enjoyed the virtual garden tour - keep your eyes peeled for the next leafy instalment!

Follow me on twitter @gardening_greek keep up to date with all the new plant developments!

See you for now,

Michael Perry, New Product Development Manager, Thompson & Morgan

Everbearing strawberry Buddy

Everbearing strawberry Buddy

Calla and Lily 'Double Jewels'

Calla and Lily 'Double Jewels'

Antirrhinum 'Madame Butterfly' and Ipomoea'

Antirrhinum 'Madame Butterfly' and Ipomoea

Cobaea scandens

Cobaea scandens

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