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garden arbours

What types of Garden Arbour are there?

Garden arbours were originally considered to be “a shady garden alcove with the sides and roof formed by trees or climbing plants trained over a framework.” Usually a simple construction, sometimes incorporating a seat and relying on foliage to form the sides and roof to give a little shade or shelter in the garden.

There are many options available to gardeners these days, from wrought iron, steel and timber constructions. Each with their own merits and suitable for many different styles, sizes and, of course, budgets.

metal framed garden arbour

Metal framed arbours tend to be slightly smaller but far more ornate. The material can allow for intricate designs that will look beautiful in the garden even if no plants are grown over them. With metal framed arbours, there is no solid roof so they will not offer much shelter from the sun or rain. Once climbing plants are added, the additional colours and shapes will make a stunning addition to your garden

Wooden arbours are a more permanent construction, with a waterproof roof and usually a solid back. This will make it much more of a shelter as well as an attractive garden feature. They can easily be used on a cool evening, much as you would any other garden seat, but with the advantage of a cosier feeling and much more windproof.

wooden garden arbour
large wooden garden arbour

Plants can still be grown up and over these types of arbours and many also have trellis incorporated into them as well. Planted up with a sweet scented rose that will add colour, and fragrance, they are the perfect place to sit and enjoy the outdoors.

Why not go “all out” and order yourself a stylish and practical Corner Arbour for the ultimate in garden seats, plenty of room for company and space to enjoy a summer evening outdoors

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Written by: Graham Ward

I’ve been gardening for as long as I can remember, my first earliest memory being planting Graham Ward
seeds in my Grandfather’s prestige flower bed and having a prize lettuce growing there, which he proudly left to show everyone.

Since then, gaining knowledge and experience from both my Grandfather and my Father, I’ve continued to garden, both as a hobby and later on as a professional gardener and landscaper for 12 years. I love all aspects of it, from the design and build, to the planting out of summer borders with plants you’ve either grown from seed or raised from plugs. Unusual varieties always catch my eye and I’m keen to try growing them, even if sometimes it means learning from my mistakes.