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Best Garden Screening

The chances are, you know a fair bit about the plants and wildlife in your garden. But what about the rest of it? The paths, benches and all those garden tools are more interesting than you think. But one thing you almost certainly wouldn't have thought about much, is fencing, or more specifically, screening. So let us start with a rather amazing fact about a Panda's favourite treat!

The Sustainable One

Bamboo can grow around 91cm in a 24 hour period, which is perhaps why it is used so often for building projects in large swathes of Asia. A wonderfully sustainable building material, it can often be seen in place of steel and stone in construction projects that vary from bridges to houses. It's such a versatile plant, that in places like Indonesia and Hong Kong it is used as scaffolding too!

So a Panda's favourite food can grow fast and is useful for building, but how does that help your garden? Well because it's such a plentiful grass, you can be sure you're getting a sustainable product. With bamboo cane screening, you get a product that is easy to adapt to your needs and will withstand the worst of the British weather, for many years to come.

The Private One

On a Saturday in the summer months, it's hard not to visit a village without hearing the wonderful sound of leather on willow. And though this highly versatile wood is used to make cricket bats, from your village opener to an international star, there are many other uses too.

Chairs, flutes, brooms and musical instruments may all have a dash of willow, but in some willow screening, you have a wonderful use of this fantastic wood. Because of the tight nature of the willow canes, it is the perfect choice for those that want to create maximum privacy.

The Traditional One

One for the traditionalists indeed, but a choice that has its roots far from the UK. While at home, a thatched roof may now be a novelty, it is still fairly common in many equatorial communities, owed to the fact that cane roots and other vegetation make for an abundant building material.

These days, a thatched roof is very expensive, but the screening equivalent is anything but. Affordable, easy to install and oozing tradition from every weave, thatched screening is a great choice for those who want a more rustic feel to their garden.

The Naturalist One

You'd be surprised at the myriad uses of bark. Birch bark canoes help the Warao of Venezuela navigate waterways, and in parts of Africa, the bark of the root of the iboga tree is even used as a hallucinogenic! But in your garden, bark has a much simpler purpose.

A cost effective pathway, and excellent choice of mulch, bark is seen in many gardens across the globe. With bark screening you not only add another notch on the belt of bark, but you also get a boundary that would look at home in any botanical garden or forest getaway.

The All Rounders

Thatch, bamboo, bark and willow all have their own special traits, but if you're after an all rounder then hurdles are the way to go. Offering a natural, somewhat wild look, but with enough rigidity to stand the test of time, hazel hurdle fencing really does work for nearly all tastes.

Whether willow hurdle screening, or hazel hurdle, the roots of the boundary barrier can be found in the traditional world of wattling. These fences have proven to be an environmentally friendly way to aid the growth of hedge, so it's own right that they make a part of your garden; where nature is hopefully in bloom!

A No Fuss Option

It can be easy to forget that sometimes, there is a lot of hard work involved in the uptake of our outside space. So if you want an option you can move easily, and doesn't need any maintenance at all, then our artificial screening is perfect. Still need a hand? Then send us a message on Facebook, and we’ll be happy to help!


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