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Best Garden Machinery Safety

There is an abundance of garden machinery on offer these days, allowing you to chop, trim and mow your way to a garden like no other. But when using these helping hands, it’s very important to stay safe. So here’s how to look after those eyes, ears, fingers and toes when you’re working away on a nice warm Sunday!

Staying safe with garden power tools

In the home you’d put down dust sheets, in the workshop you’ve got a workbench but what about in the garden? All that space can lull you into a false sense of security, but whether you’re painting or sawing, it’s important to take precautions.

When using a paint sprayer on fencing, make sure you use goggles, wear gloves and if possible, put on a mask too. Meanwhile for any corded items, a circuit breaker is a must.

Staying safe with tillers

Tillers are perfect for getting your ground in shape. Level ground, turnover topsoil and generally get your beds and plots ready for the latest crop! But with fast revolving blades, it is important to be safe. Of course, the most simple of precautions such as capped boots are a must, but real tiller safety starts before you’ve even started.

Make sure the ground is “tillable” and that your machine of choice can manage the task at hand. This easy to use garden tiller is the perfect fusion of functionality and power - just the ticket for safe tilling.

Staying safe with hedge trimmers

More is sometimes more when it comes to hedge trimmers. Why? Because like a blunt knife being pushed forcefully when cooking, if your trimmer can’t hack the task at hand, you’ll have to apply extra pressure, which means a lack of control. So if you’re tackling a larger hedge, then get a powerful hedge trimmer. Sometimes, power is the least of your concerns.

What’s the good of having a powerful tool if you can’t reach where you want to trim? Forget the ladder, stay safe on the ground and get a telescopic hedge trimmer instead.

Staying safe with chainsaws

Always check the chain before you even plug it in, or start it up. It should be securely connected to the chainsaw and free of debris. It should also be maintained with some kind of lubricant. Goggles, gloves and even a mask should be used where possible too, as flying pieces of bark and other such wood based projectiles can make light work of eyes and skin!

Always take your time, and if you can’t get in a comfortable position when using a chainsaw - when on a ladder or some kind of uneven surface - then don’t risk it. For an ultra safe and super simple to use chainsaw, look no further than the Aerotek Cordless Chainsaw.

Staying safe with lawn care

Those Sunday morning soundtracks of a distant hum of a lawn mower have become part and parcel of the British summer. Most lawn mowers and trimmers are packed with safety features, yet it’s still a good idea to take some precautions.

When cleaning your mower or trimmer, always make sure it is off completely. No one wants to lose a finger! Apart from that, it’s pretty much a case of wear trousers to protect your legs from flying grass, especially when trimming, and wherever possible, use a cordless mower so you don’t have to worry about extension leads. The Aerotek Cordless Lawnmower is just the ticket.

Staying safe with log splitters

If you’ve got yourself a log splitter, you’ve already made making a toasty fire nice and safe! Even so, log splitters can be rather powerful beasts, so we’d always advise you take on some extra little safety precautions.

Log splitters can “jump” when hitting an especially hard bit of wood, so wear gloves. Always wear goggles, and only ever use the device on a level surface. If the idea of hydraulic wedges seems a bit scary to you, go for the simple option of a foot operated log splitter.

If in doubt…

To be as safe as can be, we think the Aerotek range is the best buy. All garden tools are cordless, packed with features and will help you get every job done, easily and quickly.


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