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Best Garden Greenhouses

Growing plants of any description takes love, care and a lot of attention. That’s why there are so many products out there to help you squeeze every inch out of your sunflowers, and every last drop of colour from your begonias! Greenhouses, polytunnels and cold frames are some of the most helpful in a gardener's arsenal, but with so many varieties, what type is best to use for what plant? We’re here to tell you…

The Best Seeds For Greenhouses

The greenhouse is a place where plants can grow in a nice warm, moist sunny environment. It doesn’t matter if you are using your greenhouse for flowers, fruit or vegetables; it’s just the best way to give seedlings the best start possible.

Because of this eden like world within the transparent walls of a greenhouse, you can in fact grow more exotic fruits, with our top pick being melon seeds! Check out our 6.2 x 4.3 greenhouse, and get growing!

The Best Seeds For A Portable Greenhouse

Portable greenhouses are perfect if you are short of space, or if you’ve simply maxed out space in your polytunnel or larger wooden or polycarbonate one! What’s best to grow in a portable greenhouse? We’d go with chillies.

They themselves don’t require a lot of space but do need a bit of love. Not into spice? Tomatoes are good shout too! Check out our 4 tier portable greenhouse and you’ll be able to grow your own spicy pasta sauce in no time!

The Best Seeds For Grow Tunnels

Whether it’s a small polytunnel, or a plant protecting cloche style netted tunnel, these wonderful “structures” are designed to look after your plants and really help them flourish.

Birds and pets have a knack of wreaking havoc with your crops, but under one of these, onion and leek seeds will have a shield from hungry beaks and inquisitive paws. Check out our net grow tunnel and keep those crops safe!

The Best Seeds For Cold Frames

Frost is perhaps the biggest threat to fledgling plants, and can put crops back weeks, or even kill them completely.

But with a cold frame, you can give fragile leafy green seeds the best start possible! Here’s our top pick of cold frame.

Don't Forget The Accessories

Those finishing touches can really help you squeeze every square centimetre out of your greenhouse. So discover more with our range of greenhouse accessories today!