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What to sow and grow in the garden this month

What to sow and grow in November

Find out what to plant in November with our seasonal list of flowers, fruit, vegetables and seeds. These can be ordered now for sowing, growing and harvesting over the coming months!

Flowers to sow and grow

    in the 

greenhouse greenhouse  In the greenhouse / indoors

  • • Sow sweet peas in a cool greenhouse or coldframe for an early display next year.
  • • Sow laurentia, delphinium, verbascum and lupin in a cool greenhouse.
  • • Sow Foxglove 'Camelot' under glass.
  • • Sow cyclamen in a cool greenhouse.

  • plant outdoors trowel  Plant outdoors

  • • Continue to plant daffodil bulbs.
  • • When planting tulip bulbs avoid shallow planting as this may reduce the winter cold period that is essential for tulip bulbs to produce flowers in spring.
  • • Continue to plant spring flowering bulbs.
  • • Plant the Christmas Rose (Hellebore) now for beautiful winter flowers.

Fruit & Vegetables to sow and grow

    in the 

greenhouse greenhouse  In the greenhouse / indoors

  • • Sow winter salads under glass, protected by cloches or on a bright window sill indoors. Choose types that won't require extra heat such as 'Winter Gem' , winter land cress, purslane, and corn salad.
  • • Sow pots of herbs in a heated greenhouse or on a bright windowsill indoors. Try basil, dill, /vegetables/all-other-vegetables/herbs/chives/476TM">chives and parsley.

  • in 

the cold frame cloches  In the cold frame/ under cloches

  • • Sow Spring Onion 'Performer' under cloches.
  • • Sow Pak Choi under cloches outdoors.

  • direct sow outdoors seed packet  Direct sow outdoors

  • • Sow hardy Broad Bean 'Aquadulce Claudia' outdoors.
  • • Sow Pea 'Meteor' outdoors for an early crop next year.

  • plant outdoors trowel  Plant outdoors

  • • Plant overwintering onion sets and garlic. For something different this year, try the massive Elephant Garlic.
  • Asparagus crowns can be planted now for tasty home grown spears.
  • Rhubarb crowns can be planted now in well prepared soil. Add plenty of organic matter - they are hungry feeders!
  • • Plant out strawberry runners and plants.
  • • Plant out spring cabbage plants at the beginning of the month.
  • • Plant raspberry canes and blackberries now and remember to put a support system in place for the canes before planting.
  • Gooseberries and currants can be planted now for a vigorous start to next season.
  • • Plant blueberry plants in acid soil.
  • • Try growing a mushroom log in your garden or alternatively grow some indoors.