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Salad Seeds

Our range of salad seeds features many different types of lettuce, plus radishes, cucumbers, celery and tasty salad leaves. Quick-growing salads and radishes can be grown as 'catch crops' between rows of garlic, onions, carrots and other slower growing veg to make the most of the space in your vegetable plot.

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Lettuce 'Crisp Mint' (Cos) - Heritage

Lactuca sativa

This heritage variety was originally launched by T&M in 1979 as a crisp hearted Cos lettuce with good sweetness that matures in 75 days. Lettuce 'Crisp Mint' has an upright habit with noticeable bubbled, dark green outer leaves, standing well throughout summer without bolting. Ideal for use as a sugar Cos when young, or as a fully-hearted mature heads. It can also be harvested as a 'cut and come again' crop. Height: 30cm (12"). Spread: 25cm (10"). More info
    • 1 packet (500 lettuce seeds)

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    • £2.29
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Lettuce 'Great Lakes' (Iceberg/Crisphead) - Heritage

Lactuca sativa

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This heritage, medium to large hearted 'Iceberg' lettuce produces crisp, bright green leaved heads in 90 days. Lettuce 'Great Lakes' stands well without bolting during hot summer weather. Sow successionally for continuous crops throughout summer. Height: 20cm (8"). Spread: 30cm (12").

More info
    • 1 packet (1500 lettuce seeds)

    • Despatch: By end of May 2016
    • £2.29