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Pumpkin, Squash & Courgette Seeds

Courgettes need lots of water, so it's a good idea to put a plant pot in the ground close to each plant and water into it - that way the water goes to the roots, where it's most needed. If you're growing pumpkins and squashes make sure that you've got enough space, as they can take up quite a lot of room in your veg patch! You could grow them on the top of an open compost heap, where they'll be perfectly happy.

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Courgette 'Black Forest' F1 Hybrid

Cucurbita pepo, Zucchini

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  • Best In Class for container vegetables - click here for details

With a unique climbing habit Courgette 'Black Forest' makes a great space saving variety for growing in containers on the patio. The long stems will need tying onto a trellis or netting to gently train them upwards. Courgette Black Forest will produce heavy yields of dark green, smooth, cylindrical 15cm (6”) courgettes if picked regularly throughout the summer. Height: 120cm (48"). Spread: 60cm (24").

Culinary note: Some parts of these flowers are edible. For more details about edible flowers click here.

Companion planting: Try growing courgettes with Calendula to attract pollinating insects which will in turn pollinate your courgette flowers.

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    • 1 packet (4 courgette seeds)

    • Despatch: Within 3 days
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    • £3.39 £1.69

Courgette 'Shooting Star' F1 Hybrid

Cucurbita pepo, Zucchini

British breeding and a world first in climbing golden skinned courgettes. Shooting Star makes a stunning space-saving plant when grown up a trellis/arch. Group 3 plants together to ensure good pollination and tie in stems regularly to support the weight of fruits. The fruits have a higher 'dry matter' (less watery) than many varieties so are firmer when sliced for salads and stir fries. Harvest fruits regularly to extend the season. More info
    • 1 packet (8 courgette seeds)

    • Despatch: Within 3 days
    • £2.49