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Onion & Leek Seeds

Growing onions from seed is easier than you think and can be cheaper than buying onion sets. You'll find all different types of onion in our range - spring, white, red, brown and shallots. Our range of leeks offers outstanding garden and exhibition varieties.

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Onion 'Kappa'

Allium cepa

  • New in 2014

An unusual cylindrical shape means these golden-skinned onions can be grown at a closer spacing than normal, for increased cropping! Lending itself perfectly to slicing, the delicious, crisp white flesh of Onion 'Kappa' is perfect for making onion rings, tasty burger toppings and salads. Late maturing, this superb onion variety has good storage potential. Height: 45cm (18"). Spread: 15cm (6").

Companion planting: Try growing onions with mint to confuse and deter onion fly.

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    • 1 packet (200 onion seeds)

    • Despatch: Within 3 days
    • £1.99