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Carrot & Parsnip Seeds

Round, long, rainbow-coloured, purple or just plain orange - we've got carrots to suit every taste! Try growing carrot-fly resistant varieties for the best chance of a healthy crop. Parsnips are the perfect addition to a Sunday roast and will be even sweeter if you leave them in the ground until after a sharp frost.

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Carrot 'Maestro' F1 Hybrid - Part of the Alan Titchmarsh Collection

Daucus carota

The multi-use carrot, pretty much. Harvest as bunching carrots or leave for autumn harvest. Good, fresh flavour, for raw or cooking. The RHS trials commend Carrot 'Maestro', so you know you can't go wrong. Height: 30cm (12"). Spread 15cm (6").

Companion planting: Try growing carrots with spring onions, leeks and mint, whose aromatic leaves deter carrot root fly.

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    • 1 packet (400 carrot seeds)

    • Despatch: By end of July 2014
    • £2.99