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Vegetable plants are perfect if you have nowhere to sow seeds and keep the delicate seedlings safe from the elements. Our quality vegetable plants will be delivered at the right time for planting, so all you need to do is prepare your vegetable plot and plant them up! You'll receive detailed growing information to help you get the best results from your home-grown vegetables.

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Chilli Pepper Collection

Capsicum annuum, Chili Pepper

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The Chilli Pepper Collection comprises two plants each of Inferno, Thai Dragon and Tabasco.

  • Chilli Pepper 'Inferno' - Early bumper crops are produced over a long season on compact plants. The large, smooth skinned, pale lime green chillis gradually turn to a fiery shade of red as they ripen. Ideal for roasting and frying.
  • Chilli Pepper 'Thai Dragon' - Not for the faint hearted, this variety that gives 'Habenero' a run for its money! The 7.5cm (3") long peppers are produced in prolific numbers; often up to 200 peppers per plant! A great addition to pickling jars and olive oils.
  • Chilli Pepper 'Tabasco' - World famous for its use in the Louisiana hot sauce. The small, upright yellow-green fruits turn scarlet when ripe. An extremely hot chilli!

    Please note: Delivery is subject to plant size, and adverse growing conditions during production may delay despatch schedules.

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      • 6 x 5cm potted chilli pepper plants - 2 of each variety

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