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Maincrop potato varieties produce larger varieties for baking and roasting. For best results, 'chit' the tubers and then plant up from March to mid May. The potatoes will be ready to harvest approximately 20 weeks after planting. Maincrop potatoes are best grown in the ground, where they will have more space. 'Sarpo' potatoes offer exceptional resistance to blight, a common problem in potatoes.

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Potato 'Kifli'

Solanum tuberosum

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Early maincrop.

Best planted early as it can be a slow starter, Potato 'Kifli' shows the usual good 'Sarpo' family resistance to drought and blight, as well as a high resistance to virus. This early maincrop variety produces elongated white-skinned tubers with a fabulous 'new potato' flavour, that is best enjoyed when tubers are freshly harvested and cooked in their skins. 'Kifli' can be harvested over a long period - the larger and more mature tubers will still have excellent flavour. Height and spread: 60cm (24").

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