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Maincrop potato varieties produce larger varieties for baking and roasting. For best results, 'chit' the tubers and then plant up from March to mid May. The potatoes will be ready to harvest approximately 20 weeks after planting. Maincrop potatoes are best grown in the ground, where they will have more space. 'Sarpo' potatoes offer exceptional resistance to blight, a common problem in potatoes.

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Potato 'Late Blight Resistant Collection'

Solanum tuberosum

Early maincrop, maincrop.

Potato blight is a widespread disease that can destroy crops in just 10 days, particularly during the warm humid weather of late summer. These resilient early and maincrop varieties have been specially selected for their excellent resistance to late blight, to ensure that your potato crops can reach their full potential. Height and spread: 60cm (24").

  • Potato 'Late Blight Resistant Collection' comprises:
  • Potato 'Sárpo Mira' (maincrop) - With unprecedented blight resistance, and good slug resistance, this variety produces huge yields of tasty, floury tubers.
  • Potato 'Cara' (maincrop) - Oval-round, pinkish, red-eyed tubers with soft moist flesh that is excellent for baking and chipping.
  • Potato 'Sárpo Axona' (maincrop) - Similar to 'Sarpo Mira' but the tubers are more regular in shape and the flesh is slightly more creamy.
  • Potato 'Chicago' (early maincrop) - A popular variety for its dry texture and flavoursome flesh.
  • Potato ‘Orla’ (first early) - Creamy skinned, pale yellow fleshed, round-oval tubers.
  • Potato'Valor' (late maincrop) - Exceptional yields of quality general purpose potatoes for all culinary uses.
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    • 60 potato tubers - 10 of each variety

    • Despatch: By end of January 2015
    • £16.99
    • 120 potato tubers - 20 of each variety

    • Despatch: By end of January 2015
    • SAVE £14.45  
    • £34.44 £19.99