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Thompson & Morgan's Vegetable of the year - Tomato Rainbow Blend

Thompson & Morgan names exclusive tomato mix its 'Veg of the Year'

Tomato Rainbow Blend - a stunning blend of ‘baby plum’ tomatoes in yellow, orange and red - plus a rare and unusual pink.

Tomato Rainbow Blend - Vegetable of the year 2013

Tomatoes are Thompson & Morgan’s No. 1 selling vegetable and the company offers an incredibly wide range of varieties; from large ‘beefsteaks’ to tiny, tasty ‘cherries’, there’s something to suit the palate of every tomato lover. However, Thompson & Morgan is always on the look-out for new and unusual varieties to tempt its customers, and has found a great example in Tomato Rainbow Blend.

Offered exclusively by Thompson & Morgan, these fabulous 4 ‘baby plum’ varieties - Katiebell (yellow), Lizziebell (orange), Luciebell (red) and the unusual Flamingo (pink) - were selected from over 70 tomato varieties by 3 different breeders. Selection for sweetness, flavour and colour has produced this blend of the best ‘baby plum’ tomatoes. Plants are productive as well as attractive - up to 12 fruits per truss and up to 10 trusses per plant when grown under glass. When grown outside, gardeners should allow just 4-5 trusses to encourage fruits to fully ripen. The ‘baby plums’ are very juicy, boasting deliciously high levels of sweetness, - 8 to 9 on the Brix scale - and weighing on average 16-20g (½-¾oz).

The prettily contrasting tomato colours will brighten the garden or greenhouse and once picked, will make delicious and colourful additions to salads, tomato sauces and a whole host of other tomato dishes. Their thin skins mean that fruits resist splitting on the plant and are well-suited to being cooked as well as eaten raw.

Always pleased to be bringing a new and interesting variety to its customers, Thompson & Morgan believes that Tomato Rainbow Blend will appeal to gardeners who like to grow something a little ‘different’, as well as to anyone who appreciates the wonderful taste of home-grown tomatoes.

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Tomato Rainbow Blend - Vegetable of the year 2013