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Get the look container design

'Get the look' patio container - Summer Sizzler

Hot Mediterranean colours create a blaze of colour that works beautifully with an unglazed terracotta pot. Fiery orange Calendula, scarlet Salvia, red and yellow petunias and bright yellow Salpiglossis make a scorching combination. Add the dark foliage of a Dahlia for a dramatic contrast, and a bright splash of peachy white verbena to catch the eye. You can even add a trailing geranium to tumble over the edge of the pot, if there's space. This summer sizzler is perfect for a spot in full sun where it's fiery colours will really get your temperature soaring.

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Growing Tips

  • • Use a good quality compost such as John Innes No.2 to fill your container.
  • • The plants in this container enjoy a position in full sun.
  • • Feed and water your container regularly to get the best display.
  • • Regular deadheading will help to prolong flowering.

Calendula Fruit Twist

Calendula 'Fruit Twist' Buy this product

Early flowering, with daisy-like blooms in a zesty mix of citrus colours.

Flowering Period: May, June, July, August, September

Petunia Summer Sensation

Petunia 'Summer Sensation' Buy this product

A succession of blooms in a carnival of summer colour.

Flowering Period: June, July, August, September, October

Verbena Peaches and Cream

Verbena 'Peaches and Cream' Buy this product

Salmon-orange flowers that fade through apricot to a creamy yellow.

Flowering Period: June, July, August, September

Dahlia Bishops Children

Dahlia 'Bishops Children' Buy this product

A fiery mix of striking coloured blooms set against attractive dark foliage.

Flowering Period: July, August, September, October

Salvia Blaze of fire

Salvia 'Blaze of Fire' Buy this product

Plumes of brilliant scarlet flowers above neat, compact plants.

Flowering Period: June, July, August, September

Salpiglossis Royale Mixed

Salpiglossis 'Royale Mixed' Buy this product

Stunning trumpet flowers on upright, bushy plants.

Flowering Period: June, July, August, September

Geranium Red Sybil

Geranium 'Red Sybil' Buy this product

A vigorous, trailing ivy-leafed geranium with exceptional garden performance.

Flowering Period: July, August, September, October