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Buddleja 'Buzz® Collection

Buddleja davidii, Buddleia, Butterfly Bush

Hardy Shrub

 Customer Rating
  • Unique triple award winner
  • World's first patio buddleja
  • Loved by butterflies and bees

A new twist on a much-loved garden favourite, 'Buzz'® is the world's first patio buddleja! These attractive, compact plants are loved by bees and butterflies, but won't take over your garden. Buddleja 'Buzz'® is easy to grow and problem-free with a super long-flowering period. Perfectly proportioned for patio pots and smaller gardens. Height and spread: 120cm (47”).
Collection comprises the following varieties. Please click on the product name to view the individual variety:
Buddleja 'Buzz® Sky Blue'
Buddleja 'Buzz® Magenta'
Buddleja 'Buzz® Ivory'

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How to grow Buddleja Buzz®

Gardening news: Top 10 best-selling plants of 2012

Ideal For:
patio, scented gardens, wildlife gardens
Flowering Period:
June, July, August, September, October
full sun, sun or semi shade
    • 3 buddleja jumbo plug plants - 1 of each variety

    • SAVE *£11.98  
    • Despatch: By end of October 2016
    • £26.97 £14.99
Plant Buddleja 'Buzz'® in garden borders in any moist, well drained garden soil, in full sun or semi-shade. Alternatively grow buddleja plants in patio containers using soil based compost such as John Innes No.3.
Feed and water container-grown plants regularly. Buddleja planted directly into borders will require only occasional attention. In spring, prune Buddleja 'Buzz'™ back to a permanent low framework of 3 or 4 buds from the base of the plant. Deadhead faded buddleja flowers to prolong the flowering season.

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  1. Disappointing

    By Lucile Walker 15-09-2015

    I ordered two packs of the 3 plant offer last summer as I wanted to grow them on to give as Christmas presents. When they eventually arrived in November they were very scraggy, bare rooted plants, with no indication of which colour was which, so I bought alternative presents and heeled them in in the garden to see which was which. Very disappointed this autumn to find that the five which have survived are all mauve/purple! I certainly would not have purchased these had I known. It will now be interesting to see whether they are actually dwarf buddlejas - I'm afraid I no longer have any confidence in your description.


    Thank you for your review. I am sorry to learn of your disappointment with your purchase. If you would like to contact our Customer Care Department at, one of our agents will be more than happy to look in to this further for you.

  2. Butterflies & Bees galore

    By kevin turnbull-yeo 22-08-2014

    Bought this collection and have been so pleased with the results we have had so many painted ladies ( counted 7 at one time on the three plants) we have had the odd peacock and a couple of red admirals which I can't remember the last time I saw one of these I also did not realise the amount of different vareity of bees there are? they were really interested especially the ivory variety has (I think ) a lovely honey scent. The only problem we did have was not getting the sky blue plant only the magenta, ivory and what look likes dark blue/magenta which has grown really flat, I did report this and they are replacing - BUT WELL WORTH BUYING


    Thank you for your review. I hope we can continue to be of service.

  3. Buddleia Buzz series

    By Lesley Marron 26-07-2014

    Delightful bomb proof plants that I bought for dry problem areas in my garden. They are a distinct improvement on older varieties. The flowers are vividly coloured and produced over a very long period throughout the summer and into early autumn. They are larger than the T&M description in my garden.


    Thank you for your review. I hope we can continue to be of service.

  4. No butterflies yet!

    By Sheena Stoddard 23-07-2014

    I planted my ivory Buzz 'dwarf' buddleja in summer 2013 and it is now 6ft high and covered with blooms. However, there are never any insects on the blooms although we have plenty of bees and some butterflies on lavender and other plants elsewhere in the garden. Has anybody else had this problem? I bought the shrub specifically to attract butterflies.


    Thank you for your review. I am very sorry to hear of your disappointment with your recent purchase. If you would like to contact our Customer care team on, one of our agents will be happy to investigate this matter further.

  5. Not so small

    By Fiona Gray 04-07-2014

    Bought these as plug plants in spring '13. Two of the three plants are now 5-6 ft tall so not so petite!


    Thank you for your review. I hope we can continue to be of service.

  6. not what I expected

    By Susan Robinson 28-06-2014

    very disappointed with them bought through advert in paper no mention that they would be plugs. The advert suggested that were reduced from £29 to £9.99 plus postage. I can buy mature ones locally for £6 not impressed at all and don't consider them to be the bargain that was suggested.


    Thank you for your review. I am very sorry to hear of your disappointment with your recent purchase. If you would like to contact our Customer care team on, one of our agents will be happy to investigate this matter further.

  7. Colourful

    By barry preece 22-06-2014

    All three have grown well. Plenty of flowers over a long period.


    Thank you for your review. I hope we can continue to be of service.

  8. Tragedy plants

    By alan jones 17-04-2014

    Very Disappointing results The Ivory plant has barley survived and Magenta is struggling also, these have had the best of care , I have many wild ones in my area that all do well , But I fancied a colour change . Bad decision on my part


    Thank you for your review. I am very sorry to hear of your disappointment with your recent purchase. If you would like to contact our Customer care team on, one of our agents will be happy to investigate this matter further.

  9. Inconsistent growth

    By David Laughlin 12-10-2013

    A year in, and the three variants, all planted in both containers and borders have performed differently. Fairly consistent when constrained by a container, but in the border the Ivory examples are at least 120cm in height and spread in the border,with Sky Blue and Magenta barely reaching 15-30cm in height, and from 50-90 cm in spread. A bit frustrating as they'd been intended to balance each other.

  10. full of flower

    By Michael Hardaker 25-08-2013

    What a wonderful set of plants so good I had to build some nicer new planters for them to bring out their splendour

  11. perfect buds

    By Colin Quinton 02-03-2013

    being a lover of buddleja these plants are perfect as i have a balcony, they flowered the last year when i got them they are going great guns now their second season, excellent size for small spaces, well done T&M. great plants at a great price

  12. Super plugs.

    By Alan Kent 28-09-2012

    Another great purchase from T&M having managed to get them on an offer. My plugs arrived yesterday, well packaged, labelled and looking in excellent condition. These have now been potted up and am looking forward to seeing them develop over the course of the coming months.

  13. Excellent value collection

    By Denise Doherty 15-09-2012

    Although these were small plants when they arrived and I never expected them to flower this year, they have and they are very pretty. It has been such a poor year for the butterflies with all the wet weather, so it's nice to know that you can do your bit to help with these dwarf varieties instead of having something that takes over your garden. Great quality plants and at a good price.


    By Diane Fletcher 23-09-2011

    Have been a gardener for 50yrs and have just had a wonderful experience watching BEES BUTTERFLIES and other insects all at a level you can see the wonderful patterns on both" BUZZ" and BUTTERFLIES,something very special. The plants arrived in healthy condition,and quickly put on the "beef" the colours suit all gardens.So dont waste time like me.ENJOY! ENJOY! ENJOY

  15. Brilliant Buddleja Buzz

    By robin turrell 23-09-2011

    Arrived around the time they stated and went straight into final planting position !! Advised order slighty different in package but that did not matter . They have Flowered and grown on really well and look fantastic and brought extra bees and butterflies into my garden which was one of the main aims as my last garden had a huge old buddlejas which was like butterfly junction and i kind of missed it but never really wanted something so huge or invasive in my smaller Garden i now have . These fitted the bill just right and needless to say I am very pleased with this wonderful plant and the price was excellent too. I must say they arrived in good condition as do all plants sent by T&M .

  16. Buddleja buzz

    By Jennifer Mullen 06-09-2011

    I bought 5 of these earlier in the year. They didn't arrive until 2 months after the specified date. However, despite this and our inclement weather up here in Scotland 2 of them are flowering already! I didn't expect them to flower until next year - they only arrived at the beginning of August. I have 5 normal buddlejas but these are beautiful and as they don't take up the same space it leaves you room in the garden for more flowers whilst keeping the butterflies and bees happy. I would and do recommend them to everyone. Fantastic plants.

  17. Delightful Buddleja BuZZ

    By Marion Burns 25-08-2011

    What a delight these Patio Buddleja are!! As a lover of Buddleja I was over the moon when I found out about these wonderfully fragrant and ever so pretty mini versions. Between these three bushes I have had an endless display of long, tubular, blousy blooms all summer, providing me with an amazing variety of butterflies and pleasent aromas. These buddlejas would be an ideal gift to give to friend or loved one as they can fit into any size garden or back back yard. What a wonderful way to show some one you care about them by giving them this instant mini garden which will also attract wildlife wherever you live. As you may be able to tell, I love this plant, I really do

  18. Fantastic plants

    By Claire Halford-Dale 23-08-2011

    I purchased the Buzz plants previously, this is the second year of the plants flowering and smelling fantastic. Lots of butterfies and insects visit them. I am so pleased that i have just ordered the white Buzz to plant in a container near my back door so we can enjoy the flowers and scent even more. The repeat flowers are fantastic. Thank you for this lovely plant.

  19. buddleja buzz

    By Susan Rodgers 20-08-2011

    followed planting instructions and even with loads of tlc one of the plants died,contacted Thompson and Morgan who sent another three all of which are growing vigourously in pots and the garden lovely colours and attracting some beautiful butterflies ,the main reason for buying these plants. thank you T&M for your customer care.

  20. one plant died

    By margaret gourlay 18-08-2011

    although they all seemed to be growing well the white one died , the other 2 are growing well but as they have not flowered yet I can.t comment on the colour Thank you for your comment. A member of the customer service time will be in contact with you shortly.


    By DAWN BURNHAM 17-08-2011

    I ORDERED THE IVORY GROWING WELL BUT IT'S TURNED OUT TO BE MAGENTA SO I'M DISAPOINTED Thompson & Morgan are sorry to hear of your disappointment regarding your Buddleja Buzz plant. A member of the customer service team will contact you directly.

  22. very small plants

    By Lynda Devlin 16-08-2011

    like a previous reviewer I was dismayed at the size of the plants received, and worry about their ability to withstand a northern winter. I planted them in pots but they have remained very small - the rainy weather and lack of sunshine this year possibly havent helped. I was delighted to find these small varieties which were recommended in a gardening magazine, i hope they survive and prosper, but I am not convinced as yet.

  23. Outstanding!

    By Sarah Lane 15-08-2011

    Great compact plant, filled a pot in its first growing season, loads of flowers too - a MUST for any garden!!!

  24. Buzz Buddleja plants.

    By Frederick Dyson 09-07-2011

    I got my three jumbo plugs of Buzz Buddleja today and was surprised how small they were and hope they grow as fast as I have been told they will, I have planted them in containers and hope they make enough gowth to make it through the winter, I lost a lot of my shrubs this last winter due to the cold spell.

  25. Buddleja buzz of excitement

    By Ali Davidson 06-07-2011

    I bought these last year as a pair of jumbo plugs. They were a gift for my Dad who is looking for an easier time in the garden these days. They were perfect for him. Both plants established themselves well and make a real impact. They are easy to care for and really do attract butterflies and bees into the garden. They may be smaller than the standard variety but still pack a punch.

  26. buddlleja buzz 3 pack

    By john lockett 30-06-2011

    jumbo plugs received but very little plant, ie 1 little shoot in each plug very poor condition will not bother again

  27. buddlleja buzz

    By michelle stewart 19-06-2011

    I also bought these last year and all 4 of mine died was very dissapointed as was looking forward to them coming back this year still no buds on them. :(

  28. buddleija buzz

    By Sylvia Kettle 18-06-2011

    I purchased two dwarf buddlejas as advertiised in the Sun newspaper, I was very disappointed to receive jumbo plug plants, contacted T&M to return these plants as I feel they are not worth £9.99, only to be informed they do not accept returns. The size of the plant is not included in the advert.

  29. Buddleja Buzz

    By Julie Thomas 02-05-2011

    have bought four of these dwarf plants, they are growing slowly into good shaped shrubs with lovely silver grey leaves. Two of the plants are quickly coming into bud and I look forward to welcoming butterflies to these plants during the summer. I understand you treat them the same as their larger cousins, cutting back to ground level in the spring to encourage growth, trust they are as hardy as the larger version.

  30. buddleia buzz

    By ralph button 25-04-2011

    bought 3 last year all died due to frost we presume. trying again

  31. Buddleja Buzz

    By Sharon Fisher 24-04-2011

    I bought the set of 3 and was really happy with them in the first year BUT they don't seemed to have made it through winter despite following the advice for planting in a container. This very disappointing.

  32. buddleja buzz

    By p gussin 23-04-2011

    I purchased the lavender and magenta last year I potted them on and placed them on the patio. They made good growth and flowered.I followed all the instructions bur they did not survive the winter , although stated as hardy. Very disapointed.

  33. Buddleja Buzz

    By jennifer betts 18-04-2011

    I bought the collection earlier this year. The lavender was a good size, in good condition and contines to thrive. The magenta was smaller, weaker and its survival is still in question. The ivory was much smaller, wilting badly and is now dead.

  34. Buddleja Buzz

    By Hilary Swift 21-01-2011

    I bought two of these in 2010 and both plants put on a good amount of growth in the first year and flowered well, too. Considering I live in the Scottish Highlands and we had a non-existant summer I think they did really well. Both varieties brought in plenty of butterflies, too, so I would highly recommend these to people who love butterflies and in particular those who have a small garden.

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