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Plant Protection & Support

In this range you'll find nets and horticultural fleece products to protect your vegetable crops from pests, diseases and bad weather and support frames for climbing plants such as sweet peas and runner beans.

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Tower Pot™

  • New in 2014
This supportive frame is specially designed to train plants into pillars of colour on your patio. Easy to assemble, the sturdy lattice frame is ideal for all types of climbing plants, including climbing petunias, climbing geraniums and sweet peas. Simply guide the stems on to the Tower Pot™ frame and secure with soft twine.
Each pack contains 1 pot (38cm/15in diameter, 30cm/12in high), 1 pot saucer and a 2-part frame. Total height of pot and frame: 1.3m (4').
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Bell Boys Cloche

Protect your plants with this large bell cloche. Made from sturdy, hard-wearing plastic, this Gardman cloche will prevent the rotting of vulnerable plants such as alpines and half-hardy perennials throughout cold, wet periods. Simply place the dome over your prized plant specimens to create a microclimate that will encourage speedy growth and form a barrier from slugs, snails and other pests. This handy plant protection is quick and easy to use, and comes complete with an adjustable air vent for temperature and humidity control.

  • Approximate measurements:
  • Diameter: 33cm (13")
  • Height: 30cm (12")
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