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Pest & Disease Control

Garden pest and disease control is a constant concern for gardeners - first identifying and then dealing with them! Our handy 'How to prevent & control pests & diseases' guide helps you to identify and treat them. Our extensive range includes natural pest control against slugs, ants, whitefly and more.

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Codling Moth Trap

The codling moth caterpillar is one of the major causes of maggot damage to apples and pears, this trap is designed to attract and catch male moths and therefore help to provide a warning that further measure may be needed. It uses the pheromone scent of female moths to lure the male moths to the sticky surface where they will become permanently held. It is pesticide free and so safe for other, beneficial insects int the garden, it also has a restricted opening to prevent birds being caught. The traps should be hung in fruit trees in early May and removed by the beginning of September. Refills are available and the traps can be reused. More info
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