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Pest & Disease Control

Garden pest and disease control is a constant concern for gardeners - first identifying and then dealing with them! Our handy 'How to prevent & control pests & diseases' guide helps you to identify and treat them. Our extensive range includes natural pest control against slugs, ants, whitefly and more.

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Birdscare Humming Line

An effective bird deterrent made of polypropylene tape, which produces a penetrating vibration to harmlessly deter birds, rabbits and other pests. Just stretch it between two stakes and it will start to hum, protecting your vegetable and fruit crops. More info
    • 1 x 30m reel

    • Despatch: Within 3 days
    • £10.99

Cabbage Collars

Unlike other cabbage collars, these are made from copper impregnated material which helps to repel slugs and to deter cabbage root fly. They will prevent weeds germinating around the plant stems and conserve moisture around their roots. More info
    • 20 collars

    • Despatch:
    • £8.99
    • Out of stock

Vitax Bordeaux Mixture

Use this copper compound as a fungicide to control a wide range of leaf diseases on fruits, vegetables and ornamentals including leaf moulds, potato blight, rusts, peach leaf curl, bacterial canker on cherry and plum and apple canker.

Mix with water and apply as a spray. Use as a preventative measure or at the first signs of infection.

Contains copper sulphate.

More info
    • 1 x vitax bordeaux mixture 175g pack

    • Despatch:
    • £8.99
    • Out of stock