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Firepits & Braziers

Campeche XL Firepit - only £79.99 - massive firepit complete with BBQ Grill and Spark GuardFor BBQs and alfresco dining a firepit or brazier is the perfect garden accessory. Easy to use and set up they are made from high quality materials which will last for many years and always look attractive. With a variety of sizes and styles we are sure you will find one for your outdoor space.

We have found 40 products.

Buenavista Steel Firebasket

  • Multi functional firebasket
  • Great for small spaces
  • FREE grill and ashtray
Keep warm in the evenings with this traditionally styled, multi-functional firebasket made from robust heavy gauge steel and finished with high temperature- resistant paint. The Buenavista Firebasket is great for small spaces; it's compact and easy to pack away when you don't need it. This attractive firebasket is great value for money and with its detachable chrome-plated grill, it can also be used for barbequeing. And there's no need to worry about scorching your lawn or patio as there's a clever ash-catching tray. Height: 56cm (22"). Depth: 40cm (15").
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    • 1 steel firebasket

    • Despatch: Within 24 hours
    • SAVE £20 on RRP  
    • £64.99 £44.99

Campeche Steel XL Fire Pit with Grill

  • Extra-large firepit
  • Made from high-quality steel
  • Use it as a barbeque too
  • FREE spark guard lid, grill and poker
This extra-large firepit will be the centrepiece of your patio or garden this summer and beyond - and at this price it's outstanding value for money. The Campeche firepit is crafted from robust, high-quality steel, and is finished with high temperature-resistant paint.

With a huge diameter of 66cm and height of 55cm, you will be able to create roaring fires to keep you warm in the cooler evenings, allowing you to sit out in your garden for much longer than you would normally. Included free with your Campeche firepit is a spark guard lid, chrome-plated grill for barbequing and a poker.

Protect your firepit from the elements and add years to its life with a rain cover which is made from strong and durable fabric.
For the 'Campeche' firepit you'll need the large cover.



FREE P&P on orders over £60
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    • 1 fire pit

    • Despatch: Within 24 hours
    • SAVE £50 on RRP  
    • £129.99 £79.99
    • 1 fire pit collection

    • Despatch: Within 24 hours
    • Worth £159.97  
    • £99.99

La Hacienda Vancouver Steel Firebasket with BBQ Grill

The Vancouver Firebasket is a traditionally styled, yet extremely functional best-selling classic firebasket. It is made of durable heavy gauge steel and coated in a black finish high temperature paint, making it perfect for keeping warm when the weather cools down. The Vancouver Firebasket is very sturdy in appearance and comes with a chrome-plated grill plate which means it can be turned into a barbecue at short notice, and it is perfectly suited for burning both logs and charcoal. With an added feature of an ashtray to catch any embers, reducing any risk of damage to the ground. This really is a great way to continue the summer long after the sun has gone down.

Product dimensions: Height: 56cm (22"). Depth: 40cm (15").
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    • 1 firebasket with bbq grill

    • Despatch: Within 7 days
    • £46.99

La Hacienda Wildfire Steel Firebowl with BBQ Grill

The Hacienda Wildfire Firepit is both versatile and compact and features a striking laser-cut flame design. It is made from steel and with its chrome-plated grill and metal tool, is perfect for barbecue-style cooking. Our Wildfire Firepit is also great, of course, as an outdoor garden heater.

Product dimensions: Height: 61cm (24"). Diameter: 61cm (24").


FREE P&P on orders over £60
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    • 1 firebowl with bbq grill

    • Despatch: Within 7 days
    • SAVE £10 on RRP  
    • £109.99 £99.99

La Hacienda Morden Square Firebasket

The Morden Firebasket is a modern version of the classic style firebasket. Its basket pattern is great for giving off lots of heat, and this minimalist design will fit perfectly in any garden or patio space, making it a great way to enjoy the garden even when the temperature drops. With a 360 degree view of the flames, everyone will be able to keep warm and enjoy the homely feel of an open fire. Featuring an ashtray to catch burning embers removing any risk of damage to the ground, including handles for portability and made from high quality durable steel, with high temperature black finish paint, the Morden Firebasket can be enjoyed long after the summer has gone.

Product dimensions: Height: 45cm (17"). Depth: 39cm (15") Diameter: 39cm (15").
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    • 1 square firebasket

    • Despatch: Within 7 days
    • £30.99

La Hacienda Firepit Cover

Protect your firepit when not in use with this rain cover from La Hacienda. Made from strong durable fabric, this fantastic product will help your chimenea to last for years to come. More info
    • 1 fire pit cover (large)

    • Despatch: Within 24 hours
    • £16.99
    • 1 firepit cover (small)

    • Despatch: Within 7 days
    • £16.99

La Hacienda Alberta Round Firebasket

The Alberta Firebasket is a simple but effective fire basket, and is a must have for every garden or patio. Made from high quality durable steel, and high temperature black finish paint, this firebasket will keep you warm well after the summer has gone. The classic style allows the logs to give off lots of heat and light meaning you can enjoy the flames of the fire long into the night. Featuring an ashtray to catch burning embers removing any risk of damage to the ground, and being easy and quick to clean, the Alberta Firebasket provides perfect outdoor warmth and a rustic, provincial feel every time.

Product dimensions: Height: 51cm (20"). Depth: 38cm (15").
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    • 1 round firebasket

    • Despatch: Within 7 days
    • £37.99

La Hacienda Pizza Steel Oven Firebowl & BBQ Grill with Lid

La Hacienda Pizza Firepit brings a novel approach to cooking the perfect artisan-style pizzas. Being both compact and versatile, the Hacienda Pizza Firepit serves equally well as a stand-alone Firepit or a multi-functional Pizza Firepit. It features a detachable cordierite pizza stone and produces perfect rustic-style pizzas.

Product dimensions: Height: 61cm (24"). Diameter: 56cm (22").


FREE P&P on orders over £60
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    • 1 pizza oven firebowl

    • Despatch: Within 7 days
    • £91.99

Rectangular Fire Pit Table

  • No smoke. No sparks. Easy on, easy off. Lots of heat. Great focal point
Be the first to experience the sensational new trend sweeping the continent; fire pit furniture creates an idyllic focal point for friends and family to relish blissful summer evenings in your garden. Now available to buy for the first time in the UK, we are offering you the chance to enjoy the roaring flames and chic design of the incredible new fire table at a fantastic saving. Manufactured from the most resilient, hard wearing composites and finished with a dramatic stone effect, it is as practical as it is stylish. The Fire Table ignites in seconds delivering an astonishing 19 kilowatts of heat for up to 16 hours* to instantly bring warmth to the cooler summer evenings. Brand new, and not yet available on the high street - take advantage of these fantastic savings now while stocks last!

Fire Pit Specifications
  • Dimensions: 1070 x 800 x 460mm
  • Table: Composite Stone
  • Weight: 45kg
  • Burner: RVS, 19.5kw (65,000 BTUH)
  • Panel: RVS
  • Control knob: Bakelite
Fire Pit Table Includes:
  • CE Approved 250cm Rubber Hose compatible with the following fuel types: Butane28/30mbar - Propane 37mbar I2L 25mbar - I2H/I2E/I2E+ 20mbar
  • Wooden Log Set: 4 pieces
  • Lava Rocks: 5.5kg
*16 hours burning time from a 10kg bottle, gas bottle not included.
For further instructions about these tables, please click here.


FREE P&P on orders over £60
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    • 1 fire pit table

    • Despatch:
    • SAVE £297 on RRP  
    • £899.99 £602.99
    • Out of stock

La Hacienda Boston Steel Black Firebowl

The Hacienda Boston Firepit is great for any type of outdoor area - patio decking or garden. It's both versatile and compact and made from durable steel. The Hacienda Boston Firepit features attractive curled decorative legs, giving it a traditional look. It comes complete with a protective mesh and metal tool.

Product dimensions: Height: 57cm (15.5"). Diameter: 75cm (29.5").


FREE P&P on orders over £60
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    • 1 firebowl

    • Despatch: Within 7 days
    • £66.99

Dragon Fire Ball

Invite a dragon into your garden with this stylish and unusual fire pit. This Dragon Fire Ball is a work of art as it has been individually handcrafted by an artist. Every single one is therefore slightly different! A fire pit allows you to stay out in the garden for longer – and it is especially useful for chilly evenings when gathering around the fire becomes a social pleasure.
Formed from 6mm mild steel, this Dragon Fire Ball incorporates a rain drain that allows moisture to simply drain away. It is already finished in an iron oxide patina which gives it an attractive rust colour, therefore it won't be spoilt by being kept outside. It is supplied with a stylish cover which will protect the Fire Ball when not in use.
Product dimensions: Height with base: 97cm (3'2"); Diameter: 90cm (2'11"); Base Height: 17cm (6") Base Width: 66cm (2'1"). Weight: 53kg.


FREE P&P on orders over £60
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    • 1 fire ball

    • Despatch: Within 7 days
    • SAVE £86 on RRP  
    • £1,499.99 £1,413.99

Low Cast Iron Fire Bowl

On those late summer evenings when you just need a little extra warmth for sitting outdoors, this Fire Bowl is the perfect answer. The warm glow of the fire in the stylish raised basket draws family and friends together. It is great for camping too. Made of cast iron, the fire bowl is an elegant black colour.

Product dimensions: Width: 20cm, Length: 60cm.


FREE P&P on orders over £60
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    • 1 fire bowl

    • Despatch: Within 7 days
    • £73.99