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Tunnels & Cloches

Your plants and seedlings can benefit greatly from being under a cloche or tunnel. Providing protection from harsh weather, frost or animals cloches and tunnels will allow your plants and seedlings to grow unhindered. With a wide selection we are sure you will find the one that is right for your crops.

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Mini Greenhouse Cloche

 Customer Rating
  • Winner of Amateur Gardening Best Buy for extendable cloches
Protect your crops from frosts and animal pests with these robust tunnel cloches. Easy to set up, the thick, rigid walls provide protection for seedlings and young plants, whilst the integral rainwater collection reservoirs mean that the plants can also enjoy natural rainwater.
One cloche size - 80cm/31in long x 40cm/16in wide x 21cm/8in high. Each sturdy ends will add 15cm to the length of the cloche.
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    • 1 pack of 2 cloches, 4 ends + stakes

    • Despatch: by Monday
    • £34.99

Bell Boys Cloche

Protect your plants with this large bell cloche. Made from sturdy, hard-wearing plastic, this Gardman cloche will prevent the rotting of vulnerable plants such as alpines and half-hardy perennials throughout cold, wet periods. Simply place the dome over your prized plant specimens to create a microclimate that will encourage speedy growth and form a barrier from slugs, snails and other pests. This handy plant protection is quick and easy to use, and comes complete with an adjustable air vent for temperature and humidity control.

  • Approximate measurements:
  • Diameter: 33cm (13")
  • Height: 30cm (12")
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      • 5 bell boys

      • Despatch: Within 28 days
      • £14.99
      • 10 bell boys

      • Despatch: Within 28 days
      • £24.99

    Easy Fleece Tunnel

    Made from high grade polypropylene fleece on a concertina-style frame. Creates warmth and insulation whilst allowing water and sunlight to filter through. Ideal for growing carrots for Carrot Fly protection.Available in two sizes:Standard: Dimensions 3m long x 45cm wide x 30cm high. Giant: Dimensions 3m long x 60cm wide x 45cm high More info
      • 1 fleece tunnel (giant)

      • Despatch:
      • SAVE £15  
      • £34.99 £19.99
      • Out of stock

    Easy Polytunnel

    Tough UV stabilised polythene sheeting on a concertina-style frame. Protects tender crops from frost or harsh weather, as well as giving early planted crops a boost by creating a warmer environment to grow in.Available in two sizes:Standard: Dimensions 3m long x 45cm wide x 30cm high. Giant: Dimensions 3m long x 60cm wide x 45cm high More info
      • 1 poly tunnel (standard)

      • Despatch: by Monday
      • £24.99

    Easy Net Tunnel

    Top quality, high density polythene netting, 5mm mesh on a concertina-style frame. Protects your plants from birds, insects and rabbits. Also makes a good windbreak and shade for tender crops such as cucumbers. Standard: Dimensions 3m long x 45cm wide x 30cm high. Giant: Dimensions 3m long x 60cm wide x 45cm high More info
      • 1 net tunnel (standard)

      • Despatch: Within 28 days
      • £24.99
      • Out of stock

    Norfolk Greenhouses Mini Cloche Twin Pack

    This great value pack of two Mini Cloches offers everything you need to protect young plants and early vegetables alike. Each shelter consists of a strong, galvanised steel frame, triangular twinwall panels at each end, large, wooden pegs to hold these panels in place and 'clear as glass' UPVC sides. These transparent panels offer access and ventilation alongside safety and easy inspection, making gardeners' lives worry- and stress-free, even on frosty mornings.

    Product Dimensions: Height: 36cm (14in), Width: 49cm (19in), Length: 80cm (31in).
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      • 1 mini cloche twin pack

      • Despatch: Within 7 days
      • SAVE £19 on RRP  
      • £49.99 £30.99

    Norfolk Greenhouses Compact Cloche

    The Compact Cloche is a great way to guarantee the survival of early vegetables, even in small gardens. The product measures just 1.5m (4'11"), giving enough room for vulnerable plants to shelter without taking up too much valuable lawn or flowerbed space. It can even be transported using the handy carrying handle, and stood on end for storage to save space in the garden shed.

    When in use, the cloche's galvanised steel framework supports two UPVC safety panels, which make it easy to access and inspect the vegetables inside. The structure is supported at each end by durable, twinwall panels, ensuring that plants are fully surrounded and protected from the threat of bad weather or animals.

    Product Dimensions: Height: 34cm (13in), Width: 49cm (19in), Length: 150cm (59in).
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      • 1 compact cloche

      • Despatch: Within 7 days
      • SAVE £7 on RRP  
      • £34.99 £27.99