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Other Garden Essentials

Gardening can require a variety of tools to complete each task. Our range of garden essentials will have everything you need to make your garden a haven of tranquility or a place to produce vegetables. Our garden essentials range will help you to get the most from your garden whatever your needs.

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Tomato Growing Essentials Kit

Tomato Growing Essentials Kit comprises of 1 pack of 100g Incredicrop® Fertiliser, 3 Tomato Auto-Waterers and 1 Tomato Growing Bag.

Incredicrop® -
Enjoy up to 400% more fruit with our new and exclusive Incredicrop® plant fertiliser offering a simple, controlled release for the most incredible harvest.

Tomato Auto-Waterer -
Growing tomatoes in growbags is undoubtedly the best way to grow them, but consistent watering can be a problem, particularly during hot weather.Not any more - thanks to these handy collars. Simply place the collar around the young tomato plants at the time of planting. Each clear plastic collar will form a reservoir to reduce water run-off, ensuring that your plants are consistently fed and watered, and avoiding inconsistent cropping and damaged fruit.

Tomato Growing Bag -
Get years of use from our durable pre-cut growing bag. Allows for your choice of compost. Use outside or in the greenhouse, simply wash off and fold away for convenient winter storage.

Useful links:

How to grow tomatoesHow to stop blight

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    • 1 kit (100g Incredicrop®, 3 tomato waterers + growing bag)

    • Despatch: By end of May 2017
    • SAVE *£6.98  
    • £21.97 £14.99

Sweet Pea Support Rings

Easy-to-use galvanised plant support rings to keep your sweet peas and other climbing plants upright as they become established. Perfect for training stems onto trellis and wires, and these durable rings can be used year after year. Each pack contains 200 rings measuring 25mm (1") in diameter.

Useful links:

How to grow sweet peas

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    • 200 support rings

    • Despatch:
    • £9.99
    • Out of stock

Soil Tester

This easy to use Soil PH Testing kit will quickly allow you to assess the acidity levels in your garden. This will allow you to the give the appropriate care to your plants or plan your garden with more confidence. Full instructions are included on the back of the pack. More info
    • 1 soil tester

    • Despatch: by Monday
    • £0.99

Wig Wam Cane Grips

 Customer Rating

An easy way to support canes for Runner Beans and Sweet Peas.

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    • 4 supports

    • Despatch: Within 28 days
    • £12.99

Grow Your Way to 5 A Day Leaflet

Aren't the supermarkets full of fruit and vegetables? Yes, but growing your own can maximise the potential health benefit you get from your fruit and vegetables.'Grow your way to 5 A DAY™ is a guide to what potential health benefits you can achieve by growing your own fruit and vegetables and how this all links to the all important 5 A DAY™. More info
    • 1 leaflet

    • Despatch:
    • Limited to one leaflet per order  
    • £0.00
    • Out of stock

Maximum-Minimum Electronic Thermometer

Electronic thermometer with press button reset. Ideal for use in the greenhouse, or outdoors, to monitor temperature changes. For hanging or wall mounting. More info
    • 1 thermometer

    • Despatch: by Monday
    • £20.99

Multi-Shifter 3-in-1 Tool

  • 3 in 1 Multi Purpose Tool
  • Does the Work of a Brush, Rake and Spade
  • Easily Clears Leaves - Works like a large Rake
  • Patented Blade Technology
  • 1.5m long handle
The Multi-Shifter is the ideal 3 in 1 tool for using around your home, farm or workplace. Its patented gliding action allows you to clear areas with ease and its unique engineered design makes it durable and versatile for many uses. Use your Multi-Shifter to clear Leaves, Snow, Moss & Weeds, Mulch, Hedge Cuttings, Top Soil, Pea Gravel, Stables, Slurry, Rain Water, Light Waste, Street Rubbish and much much more - the Multi-Shifter clearly is The One Tool That Does It All.
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    • 1 multi shifter

    • Despatch: by Monday
    • SAVE £5 on RRP  
    • £29.99 £24.99

Wilkinson Sword MultiTool Garden 14 Functions

The Wilkinson Sword MultiTool Garden 14 Functions is a great gardening gadget to keep in your pocket whilst out gardening, or in your allotment shed or greenhouse. It has 14 functions that can assist with allsorts of tasks, from tightening screws on the lawnmower, measuring distance between seeds, cutting ripe tomatoes and even cracking open a bottle of beer after a hard days gardening. It is made from black anodised aluminium and stainless steel. It comes supplied with a carry pouch and when closed is 10cm in size.

The 14 Functions are;

Pruner, Screwdriver, Spanner (4mm), Spanner (5mm), Spanner (6mm), Bradawl, Small flathead screwdriver, Bottle opener, Saw, Knife, Crosshead screwdriver, Can opener, Nail file, Ruler.
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    • 1 multi-tool

    • Despatch:
    • SAVE £2 on RRP  
    • £22.99 £20.99
    • Out of stock

Winter Wizard Salt Stick

  • Works 10 times faster than rock salt with no mess.
  • Ideal for business users and homeowners alike.
  • Each stick contains 1.5 kg of clean high power deicer sufficient for up to 125 sq m coverage.
A convenient, lightweight, easy to store and use, individually packed deicer for clearing steps, car parks, pathways and external stairs. Fast-acting and perfectly sized for keeping in your car as part of your winter weather emergency kit. Our Salt Sticks are portable, measuring 1m long by 7cm in diameter, and refillable. They have been tailored specifically to the winter needs of our residential customers. The range contains BS3247 certified quality white marine salt. Features a resealable discharge cap for economy and ease of use.
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    • 1 x 1.5kg Salt Stick

    • Despatch: by Monday
    • £6.99
    • 6 x 1.5kg Salt Sticks

    • Despatch: by Monday
    • *SAVE £11.99  
    • £41.94 £29.99
    • 12 x 1.5kg Salt Sticks

    • Despatch: by Monday
    • *SAVE £33.89  
    • £83.88 £49.99

Kneelo® Knee Pads - Burgon & Ball

Quality garden kit can last a lifetime. You'll get years of pleasure from our new range of hand tools. We've sourced a range of quality garden tools from Sheffield-based Burgon & Ball. With each tool fully endorsed by The Royal Horticultural Society we couldn't think of a better manufacturer to work with, and we're sure you will agree once you experience the quality of these items.

A collection of award-winning gifts for gardeners using iconic imagery from the RHS Lindley Library. These garden tools and accessories are designed to perform to the highest standard as well as being beautiful.

Kneelo® Knee Pads - Deep contoured memory foam pads allow you to work in comfort for prolonged periods of time. Unique shape for optimal comfort.
More info
    • 1 pair

    • Despatch: by Monday
    • £14.99

The Handy Push Snow Plough

The Handy Push Snow Plough is perfect for clearing drives and paths all around the home and garden. The clever design allows the snow to be easily pushed to one side. The working width of this Handy Push Snow Plough is 568mm (22”). Its folding handle makes it easy to store. More info
    • 1 snow plough

    • Despatch: Within 3 days
    • £43.99

The Handy Snow Shovel

Winters seem to get harsher year by year with heavy snow being an ever-present danger making it vital to be prepared for the worst. This is where the Handy THHX485 Snow Shovel comes in.

This beautifully designed snow shovel is great for clearing snow from both your paths and driveway at home and at work. With its generous snow scoop it shifts large volumes of snow, making snow clearing both efficient and easy. The shaft is a generous length, so there is no bending down and straining your back.

Both lightweight and durable, the Handy THHX485 Snow Shovel will give you years of reliable use - and not just as a snow shovel. It's a wonderfully versatile tool, being great for clearing up leaves and manure.
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    • 1 snow shovel

    • Despatch: Within 3 days
    • SAVE £4 on RRP  
    • £29.99 £25.99