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Fleece & Netting

For increased protection of your vegetable patches, raised vegetable beds and climbing vegetables why not try adding a netting or fleece? Ideal for allowing the sunshine to filter through fleecing and netting. Fleece is an added layer of protection from frosts and net from birds animals. Some netting is perfect for adding support to climbing plants.

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Crop Protection Net

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An easy way to protect your brassicas, fruit bushes and trees from birds is to cover them with this high quality flexible netting. Also suitable for fixing to poles or canes to make a permanent structure.Size 4 metres x 3 metres.

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    • 1 net

    • Despatch: By end of March 2017
    • £16.99

Horticultural Fleece

All year weather protection for seedlings and plants. Horticultural fleece gives the perfect growing environment by holding heat in winter and providing shade in summer. Provides protection to -5/-6°C. Dimensions: 2.4m x 5m. Horticultural fleece is also available with 8 anchor pegs. More info
    • 1 fleece

    • Despatch: Within 3 days
    • £14.99
    • 1 fleece + 8 anchor pegs

    • Despatch: Within 3 days
    • SAVE *£2.99  
    • £22.98 £19.99

Garden Netting (6 metres x 2 metres)

This general purpose garden netting offers protection for crops from birds and can also be used as support for some climbing plants. It is made from tough UV stabilised polyethylene and has a flexible diamond shape which allows it to be stretched to fit almost any shape. More info
    • 1 garden netting (6 metre x 2 metre)

    • Despatch: Within 3 days
    • £19.99

Easy Fleece Tunnel

Made from high grade polypropylene fleece on a concertina-style frame. Creates warmth and insulation whilst allowing water and sunlight to filter through. Ideal for growing carrots for Carrot Fly protection.Available in two sizes:Standard: Dimensions 3m long x 45cm wide x 30cm high. Giant: Dimensions 3m long x 60cm wide x 45cm high More info
    • 1 fleece tunnel (giant)

    • Despatch:
    • SAVE £15  
    • £34.99 £19.99
    • Out of stock

Enviromesh Plant Protection

The fine mesh allows air and water to freely circulate prompting healthy plant growth. Also acts as a barrier to most garden pests making it ideal for covering brassicas, carrots and other crops.Dimensions: 2.1m x 4.5m. More info
    • 1 pack

    • Despatch: Within 3 days
    • £22.99
    • 2 packs

    • Despatch: Within 3 days
    • £39.99

Easy Net Tunnel

Top quality, high density polythene netting, 5mm mesh on a concertina-style frame. Protects your plants from birds, insects and rabbits. Also makes a good windbreak and shade for tender crops such as cucumbers. Standard: Dimensions 3m long x 45cm wide x 30cm high. Giant: Dimensions 3m long x 60cm wide x 45cm high More info
    • 1 net tunnel (giant)

    • Despatch: Within 24 hours
    • £34.99
    • 1 net tunnel (standard)

    • Despatch: By end of March 2017
    • £24.99

Figo Universal Connectors

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Finally a quick and easy way to build a garden frame or support! These universal connectors will grip canes of different thickness firmly and securely whilst the flexible connector 'arms' will twist to almost any angle, so you can create almost any size and shape of frame!

Easy to build and dismantle, and reusable year after year, these universal garden cane connectors are perfect for creating netted cages to protect fruit and vegetable crops.

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    • 1 pack of 10

    • Despatch: Within 3 days
    • £20.99

Garden Protective Fleece and Fabric Fixing Pegs

Garden Protective Fleece and Fabric Fixing Pegs are useful for many tasks around the garden, including pegging down weed control fabric, protective fleece and polyethylene sheeting. The extra large head of the pegs prevents them from pulling through fabrics, and they are about 11cm in length. The recommended spacing for pegs is around 45cm. More info
    • 10 pegs

    • Despatch: Within 14 days
    • £6.99