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Get the most out of your flowers and vegetables with our essential gardening guides - this range of gardening books and DVDs is a must-have for all gardeners! With gardening tips from expert growers and easy-to-follow instructions you'll be gardening like a pro in no time at all!

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Grow Your Way to 5 A Day Leaflet

Aren't the supermarkets full of fruit and vegetables? Yes, but growing your own can maximise the potential health benefit you get from your fruit and vegetables.'Grow your way to 5 A DAY™ is a guide to what potential health benefits you can achieve by growing your own fruit and vegetables and how this all links to the all important 5 A DAY™. More info
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DVD - Fuchsia Growing

Get the most from your fuchsias with help from David Clark assisted by Helen Biddlecombe & the late Harry Smith.We asked David Clark, one of the country's top growers and winner of numerous Chelsea gold medals, to show us how to get the best results. Assisted by Helen Biddlecombe and the late Harry Smith of TV gardening fame, he demonstrates general care and cultivation, watering and feeding of your fuchsias, plus information on training and growing in order to get the very best from your displays.A DVD is the best way to learn - watching an expert actually doing the job while describing how and why. Play it again and again until you are absolutely sure you know how to do it, then go out into the garden with confidence - and enjoy yourself!

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How to grow fuchsias

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