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Baskets & Containers

Hanging baskets filled with flowers are a sight to behold, but have you tried growing vegetables in them? You can easily grow a wide range of vegetables in hanging baskets and Flower Pouches™ - take a look at our extensive range of of hanging baskets and containers.

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Flower Tower

  • Easy to assemble
  • Free-standing column of colour
  • Waters in just 10 seconds; with no waste
  • Perfect for displays on the patio
  • Experiment with any plants
Low-maintenance, cost effective columns of blooming colour. Portable and spectacular, and with a patented internal watering system. It takes just 10 seconds to water the whole tower efficiently, ensuring crucial, balanced watering from top to bottom, therefore giving a uniform column of colour and growth. 24 plants will easily create an elegant display all summer long. Free standing height 86cm, width Internal 16cm and base diameter 25cm.
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Eezee Hanging Basket

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Made from the same strong interwoven polypropylene as our Flower Pouches®, this 37.5cm (15”) diameter hanging basket offers a low cost, practical way of displaying your summer basket plants. The stitched seams allow excess moisture to drain freely away to prevent overwatering. The Eezee hanging basket is light and easy to use with pre-cut holes for easy planting that takes just 5 minutes.

Each pack includes FREE demonstration DVD.

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