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Apple Trees & Pear Trees

Buy apples online from our range below to grow delicious fruit in your back garden. Apple trees, including dwarf apple trees, make wonderful displays either in your garden or larger containers and they are also wonderful in apple pie! Try growing pear trees too; you’ll be rewarded with bumper crops of juicy sweet fruits. Our 'How to grow fruit trees' will help you select the best variety for your garden.

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Apple 'Pinova'

Malus domestica

Dessert apple 'Pinova' boasts a lovely flavour which is not surprising when it has both Golden Delicious and Cox in its parentage. The delicious, smooth skinned, yellow-orange fruits are ready to harvest from September, but will hang on the tree until December, and store well for up to 3 months if picked. Apple 'Pinova' is easy to grow and also has excellent resistance to mildew and scab.

Grafted onto a dwarfing rootstock, the crowns of 'Pinova' apple trees are easily reached to prune, spray and pick your delicious fruit. 'Pinova' is not self-fertile so for the heaviest crops it is best grown with another variety. If you only have room for one tree then make sure that a neighbour has a tree close by that can act as suitable pollinator. Root wrap plant supplied. Height and spread: 2.5m (8') Rootstock: M9.

Estimated time to cropping once planted: 2 years.
Estimated time to best yields: 3 years.

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Culinary note: Some parts of these flowers are edible. For more details about edible flowers click here.

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