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Apple Trees & Pear Trees

Buy apples online from our range below to grow delicious fruit in your back garden. Apple trees, including dwarf apple trees, make wonderful displays either in your garden or larger containers and they are also wonderful in apple pie! Try growing pear trees too; you’ll be rewarded with bumper crops of juicy sweet fruits. Our 'How to grow fruit trees' will help you select the best variety for your garden.

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Pear 'Gormande'

Pyrus communis, Pear

  • Voted best for flavour

For anyone new to growing garden pears, Gourmande is the perfect option. Bullet-proof disease resistance makes this the ideal choice for growing pears at home. The large cobby fruits are more akin to apples in shape, but it's the flavour that makes these pears stand out from the crowd. Pear Gourmande has been voted the best flavoured pear by judges at the annual National Fruit Show. Thanks to a high juice content, the fruits drip with sweet perfumed juiciness when eaten fresh, and simply melt in the mouth when poached or baked.

Our Pear Gourmande bare root trees are grafted onto 'Quince A' rootstocks to produce trees with moderate vigour and fruiting potential at an early age (cropping usually starts at four years old). This strong growing pear is partially self-fertile but is best planted with another variety so cross pollination can increase yield. Rootstock: Quince A. Height: 4.5m (15')

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    • 1 bare root pear tree

    • Despatch: By end of February 2016
    • £29.99