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All Fruit Seeds

A range of fruit seeds to give you your own bumper crop of summer fruits, including melon, strawberry, golden berry and more. Each packet comes with comprehensive sowing and growing information to help you get the best of your plants.

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Golden Berry Duo

Physalis peruviana, Cape Gooseberry, Physalis edulis, Ground Cherry

Decorate your favourite desserts with the abundant edible fruits of these Golden Berry plants. The bright orange berries are enclosed in a papery husk giving the appearance of a Chinese lantern. Physalis peruviana is half hardy and therefore tends to be grown as an annual, in the greenhouse or on a sunny patio. Height and spread: up to 90cm (36").

  • Collection comprises one packet each of:
  • Golden Berry 'Little Lanterns' - A compact Cape Gooseberry that is suitable for containers on the patio, or for growing in the greenhouse.
  • Golden Berry 'Pineapple' - A dwarf variety with branching stems and a neat, bushy habit that produces heavy crops of tangy pineapple flavoured fruits.
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    • 2 packets - 1 of each variety (30 golden berry seeds in total)

    • Despatch: Within 1 days
    • £4.49

Melon 'Orange Sherbert' F1 Hybrid

Cucumis melo

Now you can grow delicious ripe melons outdoors in the UK! Melon 'Orange Sherbert' produces netted skinned 'charentais type' fruits that are more oval shaped than round. Each orange fleshed fruit weighs about 500g (1lb) on compact, semi trailing vines that can be harvested from midsummer. Height and spread: 2m (6', 6").

Melons require high temperatures and humidity. In all but the very warmest areas cultivation is most successful in a greenhouse, or under cover of a cold frame or cloche when growing melons in the UK.

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    • 1 packet (4 melon seeds)

    • Despatch: By end of August 2016
    • £0.99