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All Fruit Seeds

A range of fruit seeds to give you your own bumper crop of summer fruits, including melon, strawberry, golden berry and more. Each packet comes with comprehensive sowing and growing information to help you get the best of your plants.

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Strawberry 'Mignonette'

Fragaria vesca 'Mignonette', Alpine Strawberry

The wood alpine strawberry produces masses of dainty, sweet tasting berries from July to September. The small fruits have a delicate flavour with an almond undertone making them perfect for decorating pastries and cakes or dropping into a glass of champagne! Strawberry 'Mignonette' is ideal for growing in hanging baskets and containers. Height: 20cm (8"). Spread: 30cm (12").

Useful links:

How to grow strawberries

Culinary note: Some parts of these flowers are edible. For more details about edible flowers click here.

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    • 1 packet (320 strawberry seeds)

    • Despatch: Within 1 days
    • £1.29

Papaya - Exotic Seed Collection

Carica papaya, Pawpaw, Papaw

Carica Papaya plants make attractive foliage specimens, and in the right conditions you may even grow your own tropical fruits! These exotic tender plants require high temperatures and humidity all year round so they are best grown in a warm greenhouse or conservatory. Height: up to 6m (19'). Spread: 2m (6',6"). More info
    • 1 packet (25 papaya seeds)

    • Despatch: Within 1 days
    • £4.99

Watermelon 'Anguria Valentina' F1 Hybrid - Vita Sementi® Italian Seeds

Citrullus lanatus

Watermelon 'Anguria Valentina' produces dark green skinned fruits with rich, crimson flesh. The rounded fruits can be harvested from midsummer as they ripen. Height and spread: 4m (13').

Melons require high temperatures and humidity. In all but the very warmest areas cultivation is most successful in a greenhouse, or under cover of a cold frame or cloche when growing melons in the UK.

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    • 1 packet (10 melon seeds)

    • Despatch: Within 1 days
    • £2.99