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Strawberry Plants

Whether you've got a large garden or only space for pots, you can still grow strawberries! Many of our varieties can be grown in containers or Stackapots and Flower Pouches™ and are well-suited to hanging baskets and Patio Planters. Read our 'How to grow strawberries' guide for more information on the best types of strawberry for you.

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Strawberry 'Anais' (Everbearer/ All Season)

Fragaria x ananassa

  • The sweetest strawberry
The aromatic, sweet fruits of Strawberry 'Anais' are some of the best that you will taste, but the only way that you will find out is to grow your own. This exceptionally flavoursome ever-bearing variety is generally rejected by the supermarkets as its thin skins make it unsuitable for commercial packing. But with yields of up to 1.2kg of unusual orange coloured fruits, it's simply too good to ignore. Height: 20cm (8"). Spread: 30cm (12").

Estimated time to cropping once planted: 4-8 months.
Estimated time to best yields: 16-20 months.

Useful links:

How to grow strawberries

Culinary note: Some parts of these flowers are edible. For more details about edible flowers click here.

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    • 12 strawberry bare roots

    • Despatch: By end of November 2016
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