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Perennial & Biennial Seeds

Biennials live for 2 years, whereas perennials live for longer. As a general rule, biennial and perennial seeds should be sown in spring, but some can be sown in autumn as well. Many varieties will self-seed after flowering, giving you even more plants!

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Strelitzia reginae Collection

Strelitzia reginae 'Dwarf', Strelitzia reginae 'Mandela's Gold', Bird of Paradise

Collection comprises one packet each of: Reginae Dwarf - Unparalleled beauty of colour and form. Fantastic, exotic flowers justly famous. Grow them in your own greenhouse. One of the most rewarding of plants, it will take quite a bit of abuse and careless handling. Flowers spring. Height: 60-90cm (24-36in). Mandela's Gold - The rarely-offered, golden-yellow bird of paradise! Height: 120-180cm (4-6ft). More info
    • 2 packets - 1 of each variety (10 strelitzia seeds in total)

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