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Perennial & Biennial Seeds

Biennials live for 2 years, whereas perennials live for longer. As a general rule, biennial and perennial seeds should be sown in spring, but some can be sown in autumn as well. Many varieties will self-seed after flowering, giving you even more plants!

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Pansy 'Mello® 21' F1 Hybrid

Viola x wittrockiana

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Mello® 21 has twenty one different shades and bicolours from black through to white. The flowers are an excellent size without being too big, smooth, well rounded, firm and upward facing on compact plants, held clear of the small foliage. A true spring, summer and winter flowering bedding or container pansy. Combining both cold hardy and heat tolerant genetic lines, it features formula mixing of seed to ensure as near as possible a balance of all 21 colours.

Culinary note: Some parts of these flowers are edible. The crystallised petals are great decorations for cakes and cookies, or they can be added straight to green salads for an injection of colour. For more details about edible flowers click here.

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    • 1 packet (30 pansy seeds)

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Hellebore 'Washfield Doubles'

Helleborus x hybridus

Breathtaking, double-flowered Hellebores from the Washfield collection, bred to perfection, adding sheer delight to your borders early each year. T&M are proud to continue the breeding work started over 20 years ago by Hellebore specialist Elizabeth Strangman, and want to share her passion for these intriguing plants with you. These delightful doubles are in a wide colour range including yellows, greens, blacks, reds, apricots and much more.

We pay great care and attention to our Hellebore 'Washfield Doubles' seed production. Trained staff painstakingly pollinate each flower by hand twice to produce the best possible quality seed. All of our seed is then harvested at the peak of freshness in May and June to ensure the best possible germination. We lock in that freshness by immediately packaging the seed in hermetically sealed foil packets so you can sow and grow your hellebores at any time of year. For best results we recommend sowing the seeds as soon as you receive them and to use all seed within 4 weeks of opening the packet. Height: 45-60cm (18 - 24")
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    • 1 packet (10 hellebore seeds)

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