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Perennial & Biennial Seeds

Biennials live for 2 years, whereas perennials live for longer. As a general rule, biennial and perennial seeds should be sown in spring, but some can be sown in autumn as well. Many varieties will self-seed after flowering, giving you even more plants!

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Heliopsis helianthoides var. scabra 'Sunburst'

False Sunflower, Ox Eye

The remarkable variegated foliage of this lovely, bushy perennial makes this Ox Eye an attractive border plant even when it's not in flower! Flowering in the first year from an early sowing, Heliopsis helianthoides var. scabra 'Sunburst' will be covered with cheery, bright yellow daisy-like flowers summer to autumn, which are excellent for cutting. This superb False Sunflower is 90% true to type but you should expect to spot some non-variegated seedlings. These can be discarded at an early stage or grown on for a contrasting clump in the border. Height: 70cm (28"). Spread: 60cm (24").
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    • 1 packet (15 seeds)

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Duchesnea indica 'Harlequin'

Indian Strawberry, Mock Strawberry, Fragaria indica

Commonly known as the Indian strawberry. Attractive variegated-leaved plants produce yellow flowers followed by red edible fruits similar to alpine strawberries. Ideal in hanging pots, cascading over rockery or as a ground cover plant.

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    • 1 packet (40 seeds)

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