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Perennial & Biennial Seeds

Biennials live for 2 years, whereas perennials live for longer. As a general rule, biennial and perennial seeds should be sown in spring, but some can be sown in autumn as well. Many varieties will self-seed after flowering, giving you even more plants!

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Scabious 'Beaujolais Bonnets'

Scabiosa, Pincushion Flower

An attractive first year flowering perennial, producing bushy plants with clusters of wiry stems clothed in unusual rich burgundy flowers with contrasting paler outer petals and white stamens. Ideal for attracting butterflies to your borders or containers. Height: 50-60cm (20-24in).
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    • 1 packet (50 scabious seeds)

    • Despatch: Within 1 days
    • £0.99

Salvia transylvanica


Effective blue border plant. More info
    • 1 packet (50 salvia seeds)

    • Despatch: Within 1 days
    • £2.99 £0.99

Dianthus barbatus 'Kaleidoscope Mixed'

Sweet William

  • RHS Perfect for Pollinators
A cottage garden favourite with an unusual colour twist! This beautiful Sweet William produces large heads of pretty pink flowers that gradually mature to white, creating a delightful bicolour effect. Sweet William 'Kaleidoscope' is highly scented with multi branching stems that make it superb for cutting. Often grown as a biennial, this short lived perennial is ideal for borders, beds and containers, and will even flower in the same year if sown early. Height: 60cm (24"). Spread: 30cm (12").

Culinary note: Use the clove like tasting petals for adding to cakes, either for flavour or decorating, suitable for soups, salads and sauces too. For more details about edible flowers click here.

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    • 1 packet (40 dianthus seeds)

    • Despatch: Within 1 days
    • £1.99

Foxglove 'Silver Cub'

Digitalis purpurea subsp. heywoodii

This unusual foxglove produces silvery foliage coated in a layer of thick hair which feels soft to the touch like puppies' ears! Clear white blooms with delicate spotted centres decorate sturdy, mid-height flower stems on multi-branched plants from May to July. Flowering in its first year from a January sowing, grow Foxglove 'Silver Cub' in sunny or partially shaded borders where it will attract bees and other pollinating insects. Height: 60cm (24"). Spread: 45cm (18"). More info
    • 1 packet (100 foxglove seeds)

    • Despatch: Within 1 days
    • £1.99