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Hardy Annual Seeds

Hardy annuals can be sown directly into their flowering positions in the spring and will tolerate a certain amount of cold. Well-known flowers such as sweet peas, poppies, stocks and sunflowers fall under this category, as do some of the more unusual flowers - gomphocarpus & ratibida for example.

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Lopezia cordata 'Pretty Rose'

Mosquito Flower

A unique and charming little plant, which sports masses of blooms with a cheeky pink face. A perfect filler plant for bedding, containers and baskets where it will produce blooms all summer long. Very easy to grow. Height: 15-23cm (6-9in).

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Godetia 'Lady In Blue' - Kew Collection Seeds

Clarkia tenella, Satin Flower, Godetia bottae, Eucharidium

Silky blue flowers, lightly scalloped and a pure white centre are produced over a long period. From red stems, her lanceolate foliage is light green tipped in maroon. More info
    • 1 packet (200 seeds)

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Sweet Pea 'Astronaut Mixed'

Lathyrus odoratus

Specially selected by T&M breeders, Sweet Pea 'Astronaut Mixed' is the first sweet pea to grow entirely without tendrils! Instead this pretty mix puts all its energy into producing long stems, topped with large flowers of the highest quality that make superb cut flowers. The delicately scented blooms come in a warm mix of pinks, lilacs and pastel shades for a really pretty display. A superb variety training onto trellis and obelisks. Height: 180cm (71Ó) Spread: 30cm (12Ó).

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How to grow sweet peas

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