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Sweet Pea Plants

Sweet pea plants have a truly delightful fragrance and superb flower power - the more you cut, the more you'll get! Our range includes annual, perennial, dwarf flowering, single and mixed colours. You can plant sweet peas in pots and containers, and they make excellent cottage garden plants. Read our article for more information on how and when to plant sweet peas.

We also have a fabulous range of sweet pea seeds you might like to browse.

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Sweet Pea 'Sweet Dreams Mixed'

Lathyrus odoratus

  • 50 hand-selected varieties in this mix
  • Best in class for sweet peas
 Customer Rating

A world exclusive collection of distinctly different sweet pea flowers - we believe 'Sweet Dreams' to be the best mixture ever! Each and every one, including many award winning varieties, has been selected for outstanding fragrance, exhibition standard blooms and superb growing performance.These cottage garden favourites are superb for cutting and the more blooms you cut, the more they will flower! Pop a few stems in a vase to fill a whole room with fragrance. Grow sweet peas against a sunny fence or trained on a free standing obelisk. For an informal display, let them scramble through mature shrubs. Height: 1.8m (6'). Spread: 30cm (12"). Supplied as deep-rooted plugs with an average of 5 sweet pea plants per plug. Pinched and ready for planting straight out.

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How to grow sweet peas

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    • 6 sweet pea premium plugs (30 plants)

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    • £9.99
    • Out of stock

Sweet Pea 'Oxford and Cambridge Mixed'

Lathyrus odoratus

  • The very best in dark blooms
  • Cutting edge sweet pea blooms for the modern gardener
If you thought sweet peas were old fashioned it's time to change your thinking! You don't need a university degree to appreciate what this new offering can bring to your garden! Sweet Pea 'Oxford & Cambridge Mixed' brings a touch of elegance and luxury to the garden with velvety blooms in shades of deep blue and mauve. These colourful climbing plants will quickly cover boring walls and fences in a block of highly scented blooms. Cut them regularly for the vase to prevent any pea pods forming and you'll have months of colour from these easy to grow climbers. Pick a vase a day - friends and family will love receiving fresh posies from you - sweet peas are hard to come by at the florists as they don't travel well. And you don't need a wall, fence or even garden soil to grow these annual climbers. They are perfect for display on our Tower Pot® system or any other large pot and obelisk, all you have to do is keep on top of watering and feeding. Height: 1.8m (6'). Spread: 30cm (12").
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    • 12 sweet pea premium plugs (60 plants)

    • Despatch:
    • £24.99
    • Out of stock