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Petunia Plants

Petunia plants are easy to grow and you'll be rewarded with a long-lasting colour display of vigorous plants that are perfect for containers, beds, baskets, and Flower Pouches™. Surfinia varieties are very popular, but there are plenty of others to tempt you - keep an eye out for the unusual black-flowered varieties!

Order your petunia plug plants online from our range below to create stunning garden display.

Our Petunia Fertiliser gives your plants the best start - watch our video to find out how to feed your petunia plants.

We have found 4 products.

Petunia 'Frenzy Mixed' F1 Hybrid (Garden Ready)

  • The fast-track to a hassle-free garden - just plant, water and enjoy!
  • Quality plants delivered to your door, hardened off and ready to plant out
  • Fully-grown, super-robust, healthy plants

Our garden ready plants are selected for garden performance, straight from the nursery. We send them to you 'green' ahead of flowering (but please note some varieties may show a few blooms), which means plants will establish quickly and all their energy goes into producing better roots, so they produce more flowers throughout the season.

Our best-selling Petunia 'Frenzy Mixed' contains fantastic blend of 20 over different types of petunia flowers. The weather resistant blooms of Petunia 'Frenzy Mixed' are always dazzling come rain or shine. Perfect for filling beds, containers, baskets and window boxes with a sensational, long lasting display. Height: 25cm (10"). Spread: 30cm (12").


Garden ready special offer
More info
    • 30 petunia garden ready plants

    • Despatch: By end of June 2016
    • £14.99

Petunia 'Orchid-Flowered Mixed' F1 Hybrid

  • Best in class for double petunias
Widely acknowledged as the world's finest double petunias, with exquisite orchid-like, ruffled blooms in a medley of radiant colours. Petunia 'Orchid Flowered Mixed' begin flowering early in the season and continue their luxurious display throughout the summer, until the first frosts. This versatile mix is a delight in borders, beds and containers and flower Pouches®. Height and spread: 30cm (12").


Buy this variety in a larger plant size
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    • 36 petunia plug plants

    • Despatch: By end of June 2016
    • £12.99
    • 72 petunia plug plants

    • Despatch: By end of June 2016
    • SAVE £7.99  
    • £25.98 £17.99
    • 110 petunia miniplug plants

    • Despatch: By end of March 2017
    • £17.99
    • 220 petunia miniplug plants

    • Despatch: By end of March 2017
    • SAVE £7.99  
    • £35.98 £27.99

Petunia 'Frills and Spills Anna'

  • A perfect petunia perfume that you'll wish you could bottle!
  • New sister bloom to a longstanding favourite
  • Ruffled bicolour double blooms for extra impact
If you know the Frills and Spills series you’ll know Petunia 'Priscilla'. This gardeners' favourite celebrates its 20th anniversary this season. To mark the occasion, breeders have launched a new sister line, with new colours and improved fragrance. Hanging basket Petunia 'Anna' offers the same ruffled double blooms but in a bicolour mix of pink and white, along with the best fragrance we've noted on a petunia. You'll want to bottle the heavenly summer-long scent drifting from these petunia plants. Combine this with a neat, yet tumbling habit, and you'll wonder how you ever did without this top performing petunia. Height and spread: 30cm (12").
More info
    • 5 petunia Postiplug plants

    • Despatch: By end of May 2016
    • £9.99
    • 10 petunia Postiplug plants

    • Despatch: By end of May 2016
    • SAVE £4.99  
    • £19.98 £14.99

Petunia Frills & Spills Clara'

  • Bred in Britain for the British climate
  • Fragrant double-bloomed petunias
  • Larger than other double trailing types
  • Completely weather resistant

This new addition to our customer favourite Petunia ‘Frills and Spills’ collection is such a stand out variety that we had to give it its own listing. As with others in the collection, the ruffled hot pink flowers of Petunia ‘Frills & Spills Clara’ are larger than other double trailing types, so they look fantastic tumbling from baskets, window boxes and patio containers. This British bred petunia stands up perfectly to the British weather, bouncing back after both summer rain and drying summer sun. Many double-flowered petunias lack scent, but as with all ‘Frills & Spills’ varieties, Clara offers that classic petunia perfume that radiates around the garden on a warm summer’s day. If you only have room for one ‘Frills & Spills’ variety in your garden this summer, make sure it’s Clara. Trail to: 45cm (18").
More info
    • 5 petunia frills & spills clara postiplug plants

    • Despatch: By end of May 2016
    • £7.99