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Perennial & Biennial Plants

In this range you'll find an impressive selection of perennial plants and biennial plants, which are perfect for beginners and experienced gardeners alike. Also known as herbaceous plants, perennial plants live for 2 or more years and flower every year. Biennial plants live for up to 2 years, flowering profusely in their second year before setting seed and dying. Both are great for beds and spring displays and there are many delightful plants to choose from. Use the selections in the left menu to select the right plants for your garden.

For beautiful summer flowers browse our range of annual plants.

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Hosta undulata var. undulata (Large Plant)

Hosta undulata var. undulata gives funnel shaped, lavender blue flowers on tall spikes, which are held above the neat, weatherproof clumps of foliage. The bright green leaves have a curious, twisted growth habit which gives them a fascinating appearance.

Hosta undulata var. undulata is an RHS AGM variety, which makes a fabulous addition to borders, woodland gardens and patio containers, producing the best colour in a shady position. Height: 100cm (39"). Spread: 45cm (18").


Lifetime Guarantee on Hardy Plants Large Potted Plant Special Offer
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    • 1 x 2 litre potted hosta plant

    • Despatch: Within 28 days
    • £9.99
    • 2 x 2 litre potted hosta plants

    • Despatch: Within 28 days
    • £16.99

Potted Plant Collection

Acer, Canna, Lilac, Eryingium

Our potted plant collection has something for almost every spot in the garden. Colourful Acers will brighten dappled shady spots with their vibrant autumn colours, while the Canna will bring an exotic feel to damp borders and pond edges. Eryingium is perfect for filling a gap in a sunny border. These quality plants are all supplied in pots ready to be planted out now. (Canna's are best grown on in frost free conditions over winter before planting out in spring).

  • Collection includes:
  • Canna 'Tropicanna Gold' - Luxuriant large leaves streaked with gold make a magnificent feature even before the tangering coloured flowers appear.
  • Syringa 'Dwarf Pink' - From early summer, a profusion of frothy pink blooms will smother this pretty dwarf lilac.
  • Acer palamatum 'Osakazuki Seedling' - This striking Japanese Maple is well regarded for its intense autumn colours.
  • Acer palmatum 'Atropurpureum' - A classic Japanese Maple producing gorgeous, purple-red foliage that colours to brilliant, fiery red in autumn.
  • Eryngium 'Neptune's Gold' - This unique specimen still retains the iconic blue flower tones of Eryngium, but also takes on a stunning golden sheen.
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    • 5 potted plants - 1 of each variety

    • Despatch:
    • £50.00
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