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Perennial & Biennial Plants

In this range you'll find an impressive selection of perennial plants and biennial plants, which are perfect for beginners and experienced gardeners alike. Also known as herbaceous plants, perennial plants live for 2 or more years and flower every year. Biennial plants live for up to 2 years, flowering profusely in their second year before setting seed and dying. Both are great for beds and spring displays and there are many delightful plants to choose from. Use the selections in the left menu to select the right plants for your garden.

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Blechnum brasiliense 'Volcano'

Dwarf Brazilian Tree Fern, Hard Fern

  • New in 2015
Are Dicksonia tree ferns too large or expensive for you? We’ve found the answer - try the dwarf Brazilian tree fern instead! Blechnum brasiliensis ‘Volcano’ is an exciting new find for the home gardener, only recently introduced to the UK, but sure to be the next big thing! Compact plants lend themselves well to growing in patio pots; and throw up huge fronds up to 70cm (28") tall. The young fronds unfurl in a bronze volcanic hue turning a shiny green as they open. A relative of our native Deer Fern, this tender exotic fern thrives in low light, so it’s perfect for giving a tropical touch to your home and garden. With tropical origins, Blechnum brasiliense is frost tender so it is best grown in a container in a heated conservatory and only moved outdoors during the warmest summer months. Height: 90cm (36"). Spread: 70cm (28").
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    • 1 x 9cm potted blechnum plant

    • Despatch: By end of September 2015
    • £12.99
    • 2 x 9cm potted blechnum plants

    • Despatch: By end of September 2015
    • £19.99

Dendrobium 'Berry Oda'


  • Unique new indoor/outdoor orchid
Don't be fooled by the exotic looks of this stunning Dendrobium Orchid - it's easier to grow than you might think! Dendrobium 'Berry Oda' produces upright canes that are filled with incredibly long lasting, tropical-pink, scented blooms from spring to midsummer. This exquisite half hardy perennial just requires a bright, warm windowsill indoors with a minimum temperature of 10C (30F) to see it through the coldest months. In summer, you could even pop it outdoors for a fabulous centre-piece on your patio table. Height: 35cm (14"). Spread: 15cm (6").
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    • 1 x 9cm potted plant

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    • £16.99
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    • 2 x 9cm potted plants

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