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Perennial & Biennial Plants

In this range you'll find an impressive selection of perennial plants and biennial plants, which are perfect for beginners and experienced gardeners alike. Also known as herbaceous plants, perennial plants live for 2 or more years and flower every year. Biennial plants live for up to 2 years, flowering profusely in their second year before setting seed and dying. Both are great for beds and spring displays and there are many delightful plants to choose from. Use the selections in the left menu to select the right plants for your garden.

For beautiful summer flowers browse our range of annual plants.

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Heuchera 'Berry Smoothie' (Large Plant)

Coral Flower, Coral Bells

Claret red veins pattern the pink foliage of Heuchera 'Berry Smoothie', which slowly ages to a deep burgundy by autumn. This new introduction is another eye-catching variety of this popular evergreen perennial. The creamy white flowers add extra interest in summer and prove particularly attractive to pollinating insects. A lovely choice for providing year round interest in patio containers and borders. Height: 45cm (18"). Spread: 50cm (20"). More info
    • 1 x 1 litre potted heuchera plant

    • Despatch: By end of February 2016
    • £9.99
    • 2 x 1 litre potted heuchera plants

    • Despatch: By end of February 2016
    • £17.99

Ajuga reptans 'Rainbow' (Large Plant)

Ajuga reptans 'Multicolor', Bugle

Grown for its extraordinary foliage, Ajuga reptans 'Rainbow’ forms a dense mat of multicoloured groundcover. The rounded leaves are streaked and spotted with bronze, yellow, pink and cream, brightening even the shadiest corner of the garden. In early summer, the blue flower spikes of Bugle attract bees and pollinating insects. This low growing evergreen perennial has a reputation for being tough and resilient, spreading through the front of borders, rockeries and woodland areas with ease. Height: 15cm (6"). Spread: 60cm (24"). More info
    • 1 x 9cm potted ajuga plant

    • Despatch: By end of February 2016
    • £7.99
    • 2 x 9cm potted ajuga plants

    • Despatch: By end of February 2016
    • £11.99