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Annual Plants

Annual plants fall under two categories - hardy and half-hardy. Hardy annuals can be grown outdoors and will tolerate cooler tempratures, whereas the more tender half-hardy annuals need protection and must not be planted out until all risk of frost has passed. These delightful summer flowers add colour and interest to beds, borders, containers and hanging baskets. Use the selections in the left menu to select the right plants for your garden.

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Hanging Basket Plant Collection

Pelargonium, Fuchsia, Petunia

This colourful hanging basket collection is perfect for filling baskets, window boxes and containers. The collection features a selection of hanging basket plants, which may include geraniums, fuchsias, petunias. Image is for illustration purposes only as we cannot specify varieties upfront. Height and spread: 30cm (12").
Although technically perennial, Pelargoniums are only half hardy and therefore normally treated as annuals in the UK. However, with care, they may be overwintered in a frost free greenhouse.
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    • 10 plug plants

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    • £9.99
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Bumper Basket Pack

  • Save over £110!

Our Bumper Basket Pack brings together all the plants you need to fill your hanging baskets, window boxes and containers this summer. Height: 60cm (24"). Spread: 50cm (20").

  • Collection comprises:
  • Begonia 'Apricot Shades Improved' - Large, cascading double blooms in sunshine shades of apricot and lemon.
  • Fuchsia 'Giant Collection' - Giant frilled flowers of up to 10cm (4") across are produced throughout summer.
  • Pinks 'Frills & Fragrance' - A delightful mix of laced, ruffled and double blooms, each exuding its own heady fragrance.
  • Geranium 'Giant Collection' - Enormous heads of bloom with exceptional weather resistance make these giant geraniums stand out from the rest!
  • Petunia 'Frills & Spills' Outstanding trailing petunias that were bred for the British climate, so their resilient flowers are completely weather tolerant.
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    • 100 Postiplug plants - 20 of each variety

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    • £171.80 £59.99
    • Out of stock

Patio Mixed

Our Patio Mix has everything you'll need to fill your patio pots this summer! This fabulous collection is perfectly suited to growing in containers for long lasting colour. Mingle them together to create fabulous mixed plantings. Height: 65cm (26"). Spread: 45cm (18").

  • Collection comprises:
  • Petunia 'Frenzy' Mixed - Weather resistant blooms in pure colours, picotees, veined, and some with bright, white stars.
  • Antirrhinum 'Madame Butterfly' - Awarded an All American Selection medal for its unusual azalea-shaped snapdragon flowers.
  • Lobelia 'Ultra Cascade' Mixed - An opulent mix of old and new varieties that gives you the best of both worlds - and longer-lasting displays.
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    • 36 plug plants - 12 of each variety

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    • £13.98
    • Out of stock

T&M's Choice Garden-Ready Plant Collection

Our garden-ready plants are now even bigger and better! You can plant our garden-ready plants straight into the garden when they arrive - it couldn’t be easier! There’s no need to re-pot them or to grow them on - just plant and water them. Pretty soon you’ll be enjoying their wonderful displays of colour. If you haven’t got the time or the room to grow plants from small seedlings, then these are for you! You’re sure to get great results because we’ve done the crucial early growing for you. Just plant, water and enjoy!

  • Collection includes 30 plants each of:
  • Begonia 'T&M's Choice' Mixed - A striking combination of flower colours with contrasting rounded foliage in bronze and green. Height and spread: 20cm (8").
  • Geranium 'T&M's Choice' Mixed - Compact, uniform plants produce a mass of colour in bright shades of white, red and cerise. Height 40cm (16"). Spread: 35cm (14").
  • Busy Lizzie 'Divine T&M's Choice' - New Guinea Impatiens ‘Divine T&M’s Choice’ brings together a resilient mix of vibrant flower colours set above attractive bronze-green foliage. Height: 30cm (12"). Spread: 35cm (14")..
  • Petunia 'T&M's Choice' Mixed - A particularly interesting blend of over 20 different types of petunia flowers in pure colours, picotees, veined, and some with bright, white stars. Height and spread: 30cm (12").


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    • 120 garden-ready plants (30 of each variety)

    • Despatch: By end of May 2015
    • SAVE £29.97  
    • £64.96 £34.99