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Other Flower Bulbs & Tubers

In this category you'll find many different types of flower bulbs and tubers - orchids, lily of the valley, English bluebells, snowdrops and many other well-known varieties and some not-so-common ones too.

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Gladiolus Collection

Sword Lily, Gladioli

  • The very latest colours and patterns

Gladioli are making a comeback! Thanks to innovative new breeding, producing new colour combinations with all manner of stripes and speckles - the possibilities seem endless! These sword lilies are so easy to grow; just plant the bulbs and forget about them until midsummer when you can enjoy the abundance of gladiolus flowers in borders or cut for a vase indoors. Height: 60cm (24"). Spread: 15cm (6").

  • Collection comprises:
  • Gladiolus 'Black Surprise' - Luxuriously rich, velvety black blooms.
  • Gladiolus 'Brown Sugar' - A bold shade of burnt orange that will certainly attract attention.
  • Gladiolus 'Green Star' - A fresh, contemporary shade of green provides a stunning take on these classic garden favourites.
  • Gladiolus 'Limoncello' - A contemporary Sword Lily with a citrus twist!
  • Gladiolus 'Tango' - Exquisite ruffled, mauve pink blooms.

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Culinary note: Some parts of these flowers are edible. For more details about edible flowers click here.

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    • 15 gladiolus corms - 3 of each variety

    • Despatch: By end of February 2016
    • £14.99